Importance of app description in marketing strategy

Importance of app description in marketing strategy

App description is an important factor to consider in any app marketing strategy. The description you provide about your app forms the first impression people get about it. To a large extent, your app description determines how much visibility your app gets in App Stores, and downloads as well.

How does App Store description work?

The description of your app is an important element of every App Store Optimization (ASO). The essence of optimizing your app will be defeated if your app gets buried under heaps of other apps. A poorly written app store description could be the reason why you are not getting as many downloads as you expect.

What is the importance of keywords in App Store description?

App Store description involves keywords analysis. Keywords make it easy for search engines to match your app with search requests/queries. If you have the right string or sequence of keywords in your mobile app description, chances that your app will come on top of search results increases significantly.

While drafting your mobile app description, it’s best to use long tail keywords. These keywords generate leads with high conversion rates because they use precise phrases to find information or products in your niche. A specialist app marketing company will undertake competitor analysis to create suitable descriptions for you.

Using keywords for App Store description

Running online promotions for your app increases the chances of your campaign to yield positive results. You want to make sure that your app is easy to find and download. Using keywords in your promotional texts works best in conjunction with captivating app images.

An app icon or image is usually the first element that catches the eye of prospective customers. Whether or not a potential client will proceed to tap your app among other options depends on the visual representation (icon) of your app.

So, you must ensure that every aspect of your app promotion is designed to attract and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Here are tips on what a promotional text app store example should contain.

app description

Tell your audience the benefits of your app

This aspect of your app description should tell potential customers what they will gain by downloading your app. Is your app productive, and is it going to save them money compared to others?

Blow your trumpet!

Tell them how many downloads and review you have received. These social proofs help customers develop trust and have in your brand. Ensure that you communicate in the local dialect or langue of your target audience. Using English to promote your app to a French or Chinese audience will yield fewer results.

Make the most of Google Play descriptions

Google Play offers the right platform to sell your app to a large number of app users. Considering the equally large number of apps on Google Play store, you have to make your app stand out. You can make your app unique by optimizing your app page, including app description.

Keep your app descriptions short

You should use Google Play short descriptions. Online customers get bored reading lengthy written content. So, you must try as much as possible to deliver your message within the short time you have their attention.

If you need pointers on how to write the perfect description for your brand, you can search online for examples. Another important element of your app marketing campaign is the description box app.

The information contained in the description box gives a brief overview of your app. A clever approach will be to use relevant word tags and titles in your description. Doing so also helps in ranking your app higher on search results.

Trust RankMyAPP to improve your app description

A lot of work goes into finding the right description for your mobile app. As such, it’s a smart move to leave this task to a professional App Store Optimization company such as RankMyAPP. Check our content to know more!

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