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How to use customer feedback to your advantage

A good work of mobile marketing consists of several data analysis, since the information obtained contributes to the creation of more assertive strategies. However, few of these results are as valuable as customer feedback. After all, who better than the clients can say if the app meets expectations?

This factor alone would be enough to justify the need to work on the Reviews Intelligence, but there are many other points that are influenced by the result of this work and, consequently, bring success to your app. To make you better understand what they are, check out the content we’ve prepared on the topic

The influence of customer feedback analysis

Even with the application of all mobile marketing strategies to help boost your app in stores, customer feedback survey is one of the factors that interferes with the success of the app. This is because the ratings and reviews left in the stores are largely responsible for the decision-making power of users.

According to data collected by RankMyAPP, 67.8% of users say that the note left in stores influences the decision to download an application, and 67.2% say the same about the comments. In addition, 66.7% of them give up downloading the software when they find many app reviews about bugs and other problems.

How to use feedback to your advantage

The spaces for customer feedback within the stores are one of the main channels between the company and its audience, especially when the application presents a problem. That’s where people will usually ask questions about features or bug complaints.

Knowing this information is important by two major factors: first, fixing bugs and problems, to provide a more favorable user experience; then, to have insights to create strategies and improvements in the mobile app, such as new functions.

Because of this, RankMyAPP’s Review Intelligence team keeps in touch with the application development team, reporting bug complaints and other failures. This way, app development professionals can resolve such errors quickly.

In addition, Reviews Intelligence also contributes to ASO‘s work — being considered its offpage — considering it is possible to work on application optimization techniques in comments, such as using keywords, reversal of notes and comments, and the like.

Reviews Intelligence and competitors

Tracking customer feedback from your competitors is also important. This is because knowing the opinion of users of these apps and the complaints reported helps you not to make the same mistakes, and allows you to understand what users are looking for in the apps of these segments, their expectations etc.

Understanding this need, the RankMyAPP team closely follows the main competitors of your application, ensuring that the mistakes of the other are not made in yours.

Understanding more about the intelligence work in reviews

Positive results from customer feedback.

The work of Reviews Intelligence consists in the collection and analysis of data from comments and notes left by users in stores. With this information, you can measure the reputation of the company and the satisfaction of users with the application.

To understand in even more detail how the app is being accepted by the public, the reviews collected by RankMyAPP are classified as follows:

  • User feelings (positive, negative, neutral or mixed);
  • Categorization (doubt, praise, complaint, suggestion and the like),
  • Subcategorization (subject present in complaints and compliments).

With this information, it is possible to create ASO strategies in responses, sentiment reversal and user service, where:

  • ASO: keywords will be applied to responses given to customers. This contributes to the process of optimizing the app within the stores;
  • Reversal of feelings: when customers know that they are heard by the company or when their complaint is resolved, there are great chances of changing their grade and comment to positive reviews, in addition to being loyal,
  • Customer service: supporting the customer through comments is essential, since many of them expose their doubts about the app (and also complaints) in this space.

Positive results

When analyzing customer feedback with the Reviews Intelligence job, the results are as follows:

  • Overcoming competition;
  • Increase user conversion;
  • Retain users;
  • Ensure a constant improvement of your app,
  • Track users’ sentiments and ensure that your app is meeting expectations.

Count on the help of an expert

To collect customer feedback from an app, RankMyAPP uses its own technology, developed by its professionals. With it, you can collect all the information you need to create assertive strategies for your application.

So if you want to provide a unique user experience for those using your app, contact one of our experts and learn how to start the Reviews Intelligence job in your app.

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