How to track the number of daily active users in your app

With the many mobile apps that people are creating, it has become a prerequisite for brand owners to create an engaging user experience. Experts measure the success of an app by evaluating the number of people that interact with the latter in a certain period. Those that visit a site frequently are the ones called by brand owner as “daily active users“.

To help you, here are ways to track and compare the growth of your app with others.

Segment the number of active users

Downloading and installing an app does not mean that a user is active. Users that are active open and engage with your app regularly compared to those that are inactive.

If many people are opening and interacting with your app, it means that it is useful to them. To identify your daily active users, segment them to daily and monthly users.

Through Google Analytics, you can know the number of active users that you have. Daily users are those that use your brand at least once in a day and monthly users are those that use and engage with your brand at least once in a month. Through the tool, you can track the number of old and new users that engage with your mobile app.

App Metrics

You can track the number of your daily active users through app metrics. Such metrics give you an overview of the performance of your brand by analyzing the number of active users that you may have retained and those that keep engaging with your app.

Besides, the app metrics also analyze the possible revenues that you can gain from your mobile app. Some examples of app metrics include conversion app metrics, retention app metrics, performance and vanity app metrics.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization has been helping apps to have high discoverability in-app store. The process is continuous and it brings the most mobile app in the highest rank in the App Store. With it, users can easily identify an app and choose to download it.

When users download an app, its owner can acquire information about them through emails and IDs that they share. He can later use it to track their engagement with the application. The more traffic that ASO creates to your app may transform most of those viewers to your potential daily active users. Other advantages include:

  • Higher rankings for specific keywords: when clients search for certain apps, your brand may appear among the top ones depending on the settings of its ranking;
  • Higher ranks compared to that of your competitors: when you outshine your competitors and clients can find you easily through app store searches, you stand higher chances of attracting more clients and maintaining them,
  • Higher rankings in Google’s search as long as you have the relevant backlinks.

Mobile Metrics

Mobile metrics help in tracking the number of your daily active users through the performance indicators that outline the experience and journey of your clients with your app.

The metrics track a user from the time they download the app to how they use it and how they engage with it. Through it, you can identify the daily active users and those that are not active.

Mobile app

The patterns in which your clients buy your app, as well as their demographics, enable you to know the source of your greatest clients. With that, you can optimize your website according to their needs.

If most of your clients rely on the use of mobiles, you must design an app that is compatible with their devices. Be sure to track the conversion rate of the different clients so you can hone your site for higher performance.

You can also find out more about your app’s performance by talking to a RankMyAPP expert!

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