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How to implement mobile market strategies during a crisis

The mobile market is one of the catalysts behind the tremendous revolution in today’s digital market landscape. It has impacted positively on how businesses are conducted all over the world.

We are in the era of mobile market, and the internet has taken over the business landscape. Virtually all businesses are jumping on the mobile market trend to gain their fair share of the market. It’s impossible to come up with a marketing plan in today’s business world without considering a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing or digital marketing, as it is popularly called, is a multi-channel marketing strategy that enables you to reach out to your audience or prospective customers through phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

The mobile market allows you to leverage on websites, emails, SMS, social media platforms, and even mobile apps. If businesses harness the potential of mobile marketing, they will dominate their business niche and give their competitors a run for their money.

Facts About Mobile Marketing

It may interest you to know that 80% of Internet users access the internet through their phones. People are now shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices whenever they want to access the internet.

In 2015, Google forecast a huge leap in search queries on mobile devices compared to those on desktops and five years down the line; it has become a reality. If you can reach out to the vast population of internet users on their mobile devices, you will be overwhelmed by the number of engagements your brand will get.

Understanding Market Segmentation

Illustrative art shows a woman shopping, referring to mobile market.

You can conduct business on mobile app and still meet the demands of your customers — without compromising customer satisfaction. Mobile apps are effective in building your brand or business, and they are not hard to manage.

However, you need mobile app experts to help you plan and decide on the architecture of the app and what features will enhance its performance. Having created your app, you need to get it across to your target audience by making it visible and accessible on app stores.

App Store Optimization will help rank your app higher in App Store searches – hence making your mobile app visible to more (potential) users. Another way of publicizing your brand and mobile app is through influencer marketing.

Influencers are popular figures, usually celebrities that have built a remarkably wide and active fan base. Influencer marketing involves using such individuals, that will easily capture the attention of your audience, to promote your brand.

Why You Need A Marketing Strategy

Every successful digital business has a mobile strategy. A plan that has guided its activities and propelled the business in the right direction. A thoughtfully planned market strategy will enhance workflow and make your business easy to manage. You will be able to spot potential problems and opportunities earlier than your competitors.

Considering the numerous crises businesses are currently facing, a strategic marketing plan will help you navigate through challenges in such trying times.

For example, you could use an inbound marketing strategy to attract leads or customers via custom content on your channels, including your website or mobile app. The idea is to attract customers using unique content rather than using marketers or influencers.

Other important factors you should have in your marketing plan include creating a buyer persona to understand customer behavior, how to build and attract traffic to your app or website, and monitoring important metrics.

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