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How to Boost Featured Apps

If you aspire to have your application featured in the App Store, you can learn how to accomplish that goal by reading this article. We are also going to cover how to boost featured apps so that your app’s time in the spotlight produces the best results.

What are featured apps?

Featured apps appear on the main page of the App Store and are hand-selected by Apple editors. The editors choose apps that are most likely to be popular.

Featured apps are divided into three different tabs:

  • Today Tab – App found here are the most popular.
  • Apps Tab – The apps in this category are the best in the store.
  • Games Tab – This tab showcases the best games.

The benefits of being featured include:

  • Standing out from competitors;
  • Greater visibility;
  • Improved metrics;
  • Increased brand awareness.

How to highlight your app in the App Store

If you are interested in getting your app featured, you must fill out an application. If accepted, you will receive an email about two weeks after submitting the form.

One of the most important sections of the application is Your Story. Make sure to take full advantage of this section by describing:

  • The benefits of your app;
  • What makes your app unique;
  • And how your app helps users.

The acceptance email includes the requirements for creating graphics. You must follow these requirements. If you don’t, your app won’t be featured after all.

Here are a few tips for increasing your app’s chances of being featured:

  • Monetize Your App – You can set a price for your app or allow in-app purchases.
  • Improve App Rating – Aim for at least a 4-star rating. The higher your app’s rating, the better it looks to the Apple team.
  • Increase availability – Offer your app to all iOS users, not just to iPhone users.
  • Improve ASO – Apple editors are more likely to feature optimized apps.

How to boost featured apps

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Although getting your app featured is exciting, you must be aware of the potential issues that could arise. You must also understand how to boost featured apps so that you can make the best use of your app’s time to shine.

Featured apps provide developers with an amazing opportunity to increase visibility but have you considered whether or not your app can handle the increase in downloads? If your app can’t keep up it may have technical difficulties that will frustrate users.

Those frustrated users might leave bad reviews, which will decrease app rank and organic user acquisition. So before your application becomes one of the featured apps, make sure it has the capacity to continue providing a great user experience during the peak download times.

You should start preparing your app to be featured as soon as you submit an application. There is no need to wait!

Besides what we have already mentioned, there are two more steps you can take that boost featured apps:

  • Update your app’s icon, screenshots, description, and preview videos. They need to convince users to download your app. Otherwise, getting featured would be pointless!
  • Make sure a large number of viewers won’t slow down your app’s product page. If it takes too long to load users will abandon the page.

Getting your app featured doesn’t have to be an unrealistic dream. By following the tips given in this article, your application could become one of the featured apps.

But don’t forget about the need to boost featured apps. If you don’t optimize your app for display, getting featured won’t produce the results you want.

Featured apps are great, but ASO will always be just as important. Improve your ASO strategy by reading a free ASO eBook today!

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