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How to adapt mobile strategies according to the marketing funnel?

The marketing funnel is a great method to observe and stay connected with the customer since he knows your business because of his purchase and the feedback he left about the experience with your app.

If you have control of all these phases, it’s easier to create strategies to offer a good service for your clients and improve your mobile marketing. For mobile, the funnel is a little bit different, but follows the same logic. We will help you with this if you want our help!

Why is important invest in mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing strategies are extremely important for who is starting to invest in apps and wants to see their business having success in all markets. More than that, it helps keep users engaged.

It’s not just because we love apps, but it’s possible to say the marketing funnel for mobile is so incredible that gives opportunity to developers to get closer to users in order to attract them and up retention.

How marketing funnel for mobile works?

Man looking the marketing funnel strategy at his phone.

Different to common funnels, it’s normal to see when we talk about mobile that the funnel will have two more phases. But the idea is the same, it starts bigger that represents all ocean and just like it goes to a small part, that concentrates the opportunity of conversion and retention.

The first stage

The first stage of the funnel is about everything that is done to make your app easily discovered. What do you do for your app be found by the user on app stores? Everything that involves this process comes in the beginning.

For example, all the search keywords used in the app stores is here. But why users find the app with searches? Probably because you optimize your app with ASO strategies to make it rank.

And at the same time, all the paid announcements made in social media is included too, because users find apps through this channel too.

The second stage

The second stage happens when the user is considering if he will download your app or not. It means that he already searched some keyword or saw your application in some paid media and is in your app’s page.

But what is relevant in this case? Actually, everything! All the elements present in your app’s page is relevant to the user. The average rating, the feedback, screenshots, logo, description, etc.

These are the things that users probably will see before converting. And one more time these are so important to keep the app optimized, so all these elements will be projected to call attention to the user.

The third stage

Finally we get there! The third stage represents the thing that all the developers want: conversion! The conversion can be different depending on the app. It can be free download or paid access.

To maintain this, it’s important to accomplish what you promised in the app’s page. The app  to satisfy the client, just so users will pass to the other phase of the funnel.

Just an observation, reading the stages you probably are thinking that all of this phases are too long, but it can have like 15 seconds of duration, in case of the second stage. It’s a proof that there is too much work even when we talk about something that appears to be so small.

The fourth stage

After the user downloads your app and starts using it, it’s time to create a relationship with them. So, try some approach to show that your app knows that the customer is there but at the same time it’s nice not to bother them.

It’s nice to send personalized push notifications calling the user to go back to the app, or make available some promotion, always at the right moment.  

The fifth stage

Finally the last stage! Well, you probably already know what stage is that: retention. After sometime the user may still have the app installed in the cell phone, it’s important to keep him there. There are some retention tactics to help you!

First of all, always keep the app updated and bring the user fresh content. Even that your app is nice and useful to them now, maybe tomorrow it can be useless. Encourage your user to be engaged with your service, offer benefits and make them want to stay.

Now that you know a little bit more about the marketing funnel for mobile, it will be easier to create strategies for your app’s growth. If you feel that needs help, we can help you! Talk with one of our app marketing specialists!

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