How content marketing strategy can improve your app performance?

We already talked about different kinds of marketing strategies, including App Store Optimization, that can increase the visibility and downloads of the app. But, did you ever think about using content as a marketing strategy?

It’s a nice way to be recognized by the users and show them that you are more than an app and it will bring to you more conversions. That’s why we decided to talk a little bit more how to direct this strategy for your business.

First of all, what’s content marketing?

Basically, content marketing is a strategy to bring good content to the users about the app or a product in order to attract new users and get new downloads. Thinking about apps, it’s very important to invest in that, because your app gets to be seen by other eyes.

In the app stores we have a billion different apps available and too much competition. So, your main mission is to be discovered by the users. So, if your app is an unknown one, it will be hard to make money.

This is the reason why your app needs to invest in content, more than that, use another kind of channels — not just the app stores — to promote the services and find exactly what is your target.

The good news is that content marketing is beneficial and is, almost free, you don’t need a huge investment to promote your app this way, like it’s necessary with ads in Facebook, Instagram and others.

To facilitate this, we have some tips that will help you understand how you should start to work with content marketing:

Define your app

Before think about  content strategy for your app, you have to define some characteristics of the application:

  •     what is the type of your app?
  •     who is your target?
  •     what is your best functionality?
  •     is it easy to use?
  •     what is your advantage comparing with competition?

When you answer all of this questions, it will be easier to develop a content strategy and obviously it will help you initiate other kinds of marketing strategies for your app.  

Target in potential

One of the questions before getting started with this is who is this person to whom you promote your app. Thinking about the sex, age, country, hobbies and most importantly, for what they use smartphones and your app.

Research this question and formulate an ideal persona. It will facilitate content creation.


If you create content, you need some space to spread that. But, it’s necessary to think of the right channel and channels that your users probably will access, if it doesn’t happen, it does not make sense invest in content marketing.

It will be nice if you find blogs, social media channels and forums that your target audience usually use. After searching for that, contact the people on these platforms to spread your content. You can make partnerships with blogs to post your content.

There are some effective places to invest in this and it’s interesting to alter your strategy based on them, like sites, social media, e-mail, organic and paid search.


It’s important to remember that all the content strategy made for apps has to be relevant. The topics chosen has to be of interest to the user and the text has to make sense, have good information and aggregate value.

The more users read your content the more visibility you will have in your app and it will bring more downloads. When users finish reading your text, they’ll be sure that your app is good too, because of your content.

This is just one of the marketing strategies that you can use to improve your app performance. Remember that to promote your app in the app stores it’s very important to use these strategies along with App Store Optimization.

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