The importance of Google Store backlinks on ASO

It’s known how important backlinks are to websites. They’re crucial to the ranking process. But, did you know that backlinks can be important to ASO too?

More specifically, Google Store backlinks play a fundamental role in app ranking. To improve your conversions, you should count on it!

Backlinks and ASO?

For those who that doesn’t understand the term “backlink”, let me explain: backlink is a kind of link that is

 always well-positioned in a text that can be a blog or a site. It’s used to complement information and help the site  get good traffic and leads.

And this technique can be used for apps too, to help the optimization of the app. We have some strategies for you to build backlinks, improve visibility and fuel app growth.

Backlinks will work if ASO works too. Without ASO, a backlinking strategies probably isn’t worth investing.

Social media

It’s nice to be present in every social media channel. Create a page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Add  buttons that direct the user to the app’s page in app stores.

More than that, it’s good to use this kind of platform to spread information about your app, let the users know that there is some sale or a discount to products.

Counting with partners

It’s important to have friends to get backlinks. Try to make some partnerships with blogs and sites in order to promote your app and receive backlinks to your app’s page.

Why ASO is important in that strategy?

The thing is, backlinks really affect ASO. Doesn’t matter that you have a lot of partnerships that indicates your app’s page in a link and gets more downloads. Actually, it really matters, but only works if your ASO is up to date.

Imagine that a user finds your app by clicking through to the backlink. Awesome! An additional visit and probably a new download too. But, even that the user is already in your page and you don’t compete directly with other apps, it’s not enough.

Your app needs to be optimized to convert this user. The user is more qualified and holds more potential and will be more loyal to the app.

But, if we are talking about a user that it’s already qualified, it’s possible to say that he will be more inclined to download the app. Because he wants a good service and doesn’t want to be disappointed.

So, focus on maintaining your ASO, with an app’s page having a good design to icon, title, an incredible app video preview, screenshots that really explain what your app is about and, obviously, always see how your ratings and reviews are doing.

Observe what the user says about this app. Whether it’s worth the download, good or bad. In conclusion, it can be said that at the same way that Google helps sites with backlinks to improve ranking position in Google search, app ranking too can improve.

Google evaluates what apps receive good backlinks that directs to the app’s page and probably help this app  get better positions in app store ranking. So, building links can be useful.

Backlinks and ASO are complex issues for anyone wanting to optimize apps.

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