Google Universal App Campaign x Apple Search Ads

Two app stores and two different marketing tools. On one side, we have the Google Universal App Campaign, on the other, Apple Search Ads. Both tools are made to improve app performance.

But which one is better and gives more value when invested in? Even that we know that the ideal is to use both app stores and consequently use both tools, it’s important to understand their similarities and differences.

First of all, what they do?

The Apple Search Ads have the goal to help the owners get users if they pay for that. It’s very simple, in the tool you set the app, the country to be promoted in and set budget.

The tool will automatically create the ad according to the coordinates of the app and will show that to users. The good side of it is that you only pay for installs they stipulate the maximum cost you should pay for installs.

It is perfect for who wants faster results because don’t have too much time. It’s a professional and advanced resource to create ads.

Google Universal App Campaign has a different purpose. Just like we use App Store Optimization to optimize apps inside app stores, the Universal App Campaign is used to optimize ads.

The advertisement is coupled with other resources like YouTube, Google search and the search function inside the app store — the last one just for Android. This option allows the owner to choose how much they want to pay per conversion as a target and choose if you want to apply it to a determined time or event.

It has just one point that has to be observed: you have to trust Google and its algorithm. Who will define your target and who will see your ad is decided by Universal App Campaign.

Is it possible to choose one?

The marketing tools and app stores ads have the same logic as ASO, you need to optimize on both stores because it brings different results. But in this case, it’s important to pay attention to which one it is you’re going to invest in more.

There are some points to decide before dividing the budget in these tools:

–       What do you want to achieve in your campaign?

–       Do you want a lot of users?

–       Do you want to know exactly how much will it cost one user?

–       What kind of traffic do you want?

After answering these questions, pay attention to how you will use your money. Sometimes a certain expenditure gives more confidence and control about your money. With Search ads, it is possible to define a limit of costs. Meanwhile, UAC opens the door to overcoming what was established.


Our conclusion is what we said all long in the article, it is impossible to choose just one option, because they complement the services, whereas you use both app stores and it brings differents results.

Use marketing tools like Google Universal App Campaign and Apple Search Ads is a great opportunity to open the market, catch up a public that maybe just with ASO it would not be possible to conquer.

Anyway, our main tip about this investment is to always study and understand the dynamics of the tools and how they charge. It is crucial because we are talking about money and every penny makes the difference on a large scale.

We hope that you liked it and apply this strategy in your business, because it can change your experience about users in your app and a new way to see ad optimization.

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