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GDPR: what is it and how the apps are affected?

We are always worried about our security. We put cameras everywhere,  locking our houses and take other natural precautions to preserve our things and lives. But, did you ever think about protecting your information? Maybe GDPR can help you with this.

With the expansion of the internet and social media,  people exhibiting their lives, photos, etc. has become the norm. But, imagine your credit card information that you use to buy things on the internet. This kind of information is indeed protected.

First of all, what is GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation,  is a law that lays down rules that any person or company has to follow some when using personal data from residents of the Europe Union.

Perhaps when reading this you’re thinking “I don’t live in any country of Europe Union, so, this law doesn’t apply to me” but it does not work like that. If your company deals with any person from EU, you have to follow the rules.

It’s a way to protect the information privacy of people. When accessing someone’s personal data, companies and individuals have to clarify their stand.

The GDPR aims to take actions in some cases. For example, the user has the right to know all the things that are possible with his information. So, it is necessary to sign a consent form. And if some violation is made, the company or person is punishable by law.

GDPR for digital marketing: what does it change?

Illustrative art referring to gdpr.

There are some changes introduced by GDPR which can influence digital marketing. For instance, a company cannot share any information about their customers without authorization. And all of the collected data has to be used in a way that the user knows all of the transactions made.

After the data collection is done, the company has to ensure that the storage of the data is safely done, in accordance with the GDPR security provisions. They should protect all of the data in a way that no one with unauthorized access can change or steal it.

Another precaution is for the duration people need this data. In other words, people use this information to do what they need, and that’s it. After this, the data has to go to the trash

But, the good news is that these provisions can make digital marketing a business safer, so the companies and marketers will deliver the best service for their customer. This means that the work will be more transparent.

And these changes can be applied in apps too, whereas a lot of applications need personal information to deal with the users, to provide and sell products, for example. So, with this new regulation, it is possible to make your client have more reliance on your business.

So, now that you know a little bit more how GDPR works, it will be easier to adapt to the system and be more reliable to your clients. It is possible to excel from your competition providing this option to the user.

If you want to retain more users for your app, don’t think twice to fit into GDPR provisions. And, to readapt your ASO strategies courtesy of the rules, don’t hesitate to do a customized analysis with RankMyApp!

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