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Feature graphic: the changes and the impacts of Play Store feature graphic

We know that app stores are always updating their systems looking to improve user experience in a bid to remain attractive to users. Recently, Google Play Store made a change that has left developers worried.

We are talking about future graphic. This resource has begun disappearing and has disappeared for some users gradually. But how does it affect the results of app optimization? We’re going to explain!

First of all, what is the feature graphic?

The feature graphic is an image available in the Google Play store. It is relevant because it’s the first impression that the user has of the app. The image can say a lot of things about the app, visually speaking.

Check out the image below to see how the app’s page elements are organized:

So what is happening?

Some users reported that the feature graphic was missing when they accessed apps page. Google removed this feature without giving a hint to app developers.

The problem is that feature graphic is responsible for many conversions that an app has, because feature graphic functioned as the cover of the app which affects the decision making of the user on whether to download the app or not.

The feature graphic calls user attention much more than screenshots, icons and videos. Besides that, it was an ideal opportunity to call attention of the user using a big image and just few words.

Now apps have to find other strategies to have an instant approval of the user and improve  other app elements.

What should you do to repair this lost?

Now that feature graphic is absent, as we said before, it is very important to pay attention further to other elements like videos and screenshots, always using creativity to make up for the lack of the classic cover.

First of all, use App Store Optimization! This is the only way to optimize your app and conquer organic downloads by means of keywords and make the other elements more attractive. There are some practices recommended by this process that can help you a lot.

When we talk about screenshots, before capturing images and updating the app’s page, you need some instructions in order to receive positive results. Like show the functions of the app, and encourage the users to like your app and download it, catching their eyes.

If you feel that your app is muzzy compared to the competition, try to think of something that is very cool in your app and probably the users will love it. Show it in a way to prove that your business is not just like another.

And if you still in doubt about your update, try to do some A/B testing and see which version is more pleasing to users. A good optimization of the app requires developers to be able to always update apps. New apps are available in the Google Play Store all the time.

The only way to be ranking and consequently get new downloads and conversions is by always checking how your optimization is going, update when it’s necessary and observe what are the changes and news regarding app stores.

But sometimes it’s not easy to control everything around your app and still study the competition, the changes and find  perfect keywords for your app. But hold on, we can help you with that.

RankMyApp is specialized in App Store Optimization and has an incredible team you can count on to make the most of ASO. If you get interested about it, talk with one of our app marketing specialists?

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