Facebook secrets for the app success

Mark Zuckerberg is today a household name. One of the founders of the most popular and accessed social media network of the world, Facebook, not only controls this but other famous social media channels like WhatsApp and Instagram.

But what is Facebook’s secret to have so many users and, many of who are engaged? This is truly a case of app success and other apps have too many things to learn from Facebook’s success. Here’s a list of Facebook’s secrets to emulate its success for your own app.

1- Simplicity

When the developers and entrepreneurs start to plan the app and choose resources they want, they forget that as much as elements the app have, it can prejudice its performance, making it more heavy.

This is the first secret of Facebook: simplicity. Since the first version, they bet on a simple version and with the passage of time, they were improving what they already had. That’s why Facebook is what it is, intuitive and made for anyone’s use.

2- Make it happen

When Facebook began students from Harvard said that Zuckerberg stole the idea. But the thing is, it was free for anyone of them continue the project and it was exactly what happened.

Mark made it happen! In season, others launched sites like Facebook and they had the same resources, and now we have just Facebook. It means that to get success, mainly in apps, you have to run after your goals.  

3- What does the same thing as you?

One of the big secrets from Facebook, at least when it was launched, was about the competition that it had on the internet. In 2004, besides Facebook, many other social media geared towards College-going students was available.

It’s truly important to pay attention to what is around you. But the real secret was to just keep Facebook available if it had infrastructure. The competition was falling down because they doesn’t have structure to attend to that demand.

So with Facebook the always online status was available for online audiences and it really worked for them.

4- It’s all about the product

Can you imagine that one of the secrets from Facebook was the product and not the business in itself? Well, the focus was always on the product and toit be unique —the business, actions and money was a consequence.

We know that the last part is important to make the app rentable and keep up with the service, but in the beginning it was a lot of crucial work to find product market fit. Because with this, naturally the second part will come.  

To have an idea, Facebook opened its doors to advertising much later because Mark felt that ads would distract users and destroy user experience. That is why is so important to analyse top most priorities on your app.

5- What is control for you?

For Mark Zuckerberg, control of the company is in knowing how to deal with the three foundations: employees, customers and shareholders; if you know how to keep it at equilibrium it means that your business is happening and working well.

Companies that don’t know how to do it, have a lot of failures and the chances of them getting swallowed up by the market is high. So pay attention to your priorities and know how to control your app.

So what did you learn about Facebook secrets? We hope this helps you administer your app and, of course, rank as well and be as popular as Facebook!

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