Everything you need to know about the new Google Play Store

The new Google Play Store has just been unleashed. Are you ready for it?

The Google Play Store is where Android users obtain apps for their devices. Because Google is always hard at work to make improvements and keep its users happy, the Google Play Store is periodically updated.

If you are an app developer you need to stay on top of these updates because changes within the store could affect your app. This includes the latest play store update.

What’s New

Overall, the new play store version isn’t that much different for users than the previous version. However, some worthwhile improvements were made.

Small bugs that plagued the old version are no longer an issue as they were fixed in the play store update. Thanks to this, the software is more stable, user-friendly, and less likely to crash.

What You Need To Do

Just keep doing what you should always be doing: optimizing your app to improve its ranking and increase the number of times it’s installed.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

In order to get more views that lead to more downloads, you need to put some serious effort into ASO. This includes:

  • Using relevant keywords that your target market is searching for;
  • Getting more users to install the app;
  • Earning real, positive reviews from satisfied users,
  • Maintaining the quality of the app itself.

It pays to spend time learning more about app store SEO so that you can optimize your app for the best results.

Highlight Benefits

Making your app stand out among the competition will cause users to choose your offer instead of your competitors’ products.

To accomplish this you need to make sure the unique benefits of your app are obvious. This is always necessary, no matter what kinds of play store updates occur.

Optimize Your Creatives

This goes back to standing out. You can do this by making your screenshots and creatives attention-grabbing. Once they have gotten the user’s attention, they need to clearly display how great your app is and make users want to install the app.

Now that the feature graphic is no longer available, thanks to one of the past Google Play Store updates, creating amazing videos and screenshots is even more important. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Keep Testing and Analyzing

As you tweak and update your app, you will want to keep an eye on how your users respond to those updates and changes.

Updating your app from time to time is necessary, but you also want to make sure the updates actually improve the usability of the app and keep your users happy.

You should also be testing new creatives. If you notice a drop off in the number of installs right after you change a video or screenshot, you can infer it’s probably due to the new video or screenshot. Always use the results of your previous actions to plot your next steps.

Be Prepared For The New Google Play Store

Even though there are no major differences between the new Google Play Store and the old version, it’s still a good idea to be aware of any updates. This awareness will give you the power to prepare and plan for all future updates so that you can continue to grow your app and achieve the results you desire.

There really is no way around it. Play store updates are just a part of life for app developers. But with the right plan in place, your app can continue to thrive in the midst of the changes.

Maybe you need some help getting the right plan in place. RankMyApp can help! Speak with a specialist to start optimizing your app so that you can get more traffic and more installs.

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