Everything you need to know about app location

Of all the strategies you apply to get good results, you probably never thought that app location could be important for ASO. The thing is, this simple detail can drastically improve  your conversion numbers.

To clear all your doubts and know how to align your app strategy with location, we have created a definitive guide of must knows about app location.

First of all, what is app location?

Basically, app localization is the optimization of an app so that it becomes relevant in the country that it’s available on. It means that the app has to have the same language, culture and other kind of specificities about that region.

Defining the app location is part of the ASO process and it can change the choice of keywords and influence the performance of the app in ranking. That’s why it’s important to work on this.

More than that, we recommend that you try and optimize for more than one country, because it can open a bunch of opportunities to get more downloads and be recognized by a lot of people in different places.

How to do that?

If you are a little bit lost about your app’s purpose and which country it probably will have more success, the best strategy is to invest in popular countries that will accept all of the content available there.

But, this should be temporary. Choose a country just to have one and because it’s popular doesn’t mean that your app will be a success. So, first of all, study the app, define your main service and decide where everything fits better.

Another point to think is that from the moment that you start to localize your app to other countries, you have to adapt to them too. Don’t think that it’s sufficient if you merely translate your app in Google to catch hold of a new audience.

You need to know the specific keywords that are used in each place and know how to adapt your app to them. Without it, it will be useless to invest money in this. A good tip is invest in a localization tool, like a GPS tracker.

With this, you can observe where your app can have more downloads and if it is really worth it. The good news is that app stores allows that you choose a main country and other secondary countries.

What is the next step?

The next step is to find users for your app with different localizations. It’s easier to optimize for your native country. But, how to do that in other places? We are going to explain:

Besides choosing the keywords that makes more sense in the chosen country, maybe it will be necessary to make a good translation of the app. Even if your language is english, which is more internationalized, it doesn’t mean that it will bring conversions.

So, check if it’s necessary and do it. Remember that change is more than name and description. Work on the icon, screenshots, videos and other elements. But, always check if this change resonates with the culture of the people that live there.

For example, even if Brazil has natural disaster from time to time, they don’t have an alert system about tsunami and hurricanes. So, if you have an app that warn people about this natural disaster, it doesn’t make sense implement it in Brazil.

On the other hand, if your app works in different places and for different people, don’t lose time and invest on it. For sure your performance will be better, the number of downloads will grow and the conversions too.

Our mean tip is test and see if it works. The chances are high, but if you observe that you invest in a country that is not bringing results, it’s time to study new strategies or, depending on the case, change the country.

As we said before  app location is related to App Store Optimization. So, if you need this for your app, don’t hesitate to talk with one of the specialists in app marketing from RankMyApp.

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