Emoji & marketing: impacts for mobile strategy

You probably have used a lot of emojis in your chats to express feelings, to shorten some answers or just for fun sakes. This feature has evolved into a natural approach to teach conversation. But, did you know that it’s possible to use emojis for marketing?

Sometimes we see some push notifications with emojis or even the description of an app in the app store. Don’t think that it doesn’t serve any purpose. Emojis can make a positive influence on mobile strategy.

Let’s start at the beginning: why emojis?

Emojis became an online sensation after MSN when they made it possible to send images as characters. But, in this age of smartphones emojis transform the experience of the user.

We say that because people changed how they communicate with the help of emojis. It isn’t necessary anymore write if you are sad about something. Instead just send send an emoji of a sad face.

From 2015 until now, it was noticed that the number of people using emojis registered impressive growth. That’s why Apple and Google made more updates of emojis symbols in their operating systems.

If you compare the updates, nowadays it’s possible to say that we use them to represent everything. It’s just one more proof that this shortcut is important for users and have to be adopted not just for fun, but for business too.

How to use it in your app strategy?

The best way to improve your strategy is focussing on user engagement with emojis. So, try to call attention of the user on different channels and platforms. Showing that your app have presence in different places will be good for the app.

With this, you’ll be closer to your users and will have more liberty to talk to them. Customize your messages with emojis that are related with what you want to say. It’s possible to do it with emails too, for example.

There are some common emojis that are quite successful. If you want to let your users know about an incredible offer or promotion, use a fire emoji or others that resemble sales, like money, an emoji of something passing faster, etc.

If the app relies on discounts, use emoji of stars, hands celebrating, a trophy, anything that comes close to entertainment.

The emojis can be considered a powerful marketing tool, mainly when we talk about mobile. Just make a test, if you use just one or two emojis in push notifications or emails, and see higher user retention or lower reinstalls it’s a good strategy.

The number of open rate increases when the app uses emojis in the push notifications comparing with an app that doesn’t use this resource. Look at the graphic:

ASO strategy

Another important observation to pay attention is the difference between the app stores and how it affects your ASO optimization. It’s possible to say that emojis work better with android phones than iphones, and we’re going to answer why.

It’s normal to see that the notifications remain available for longer on android phones compared to iPhones. This longer time helps increase the open rate in android phones.

But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to invest in emojis for iOS too. They bring retention and engagement too, but the number is not so expressive like Android.

Now that you know how emojis can help you increase the number of downloads for your app, what do you think about trying them? But be careful, even that emojis is a good opportunity  it can turn into chaos if you use it in the wrong way.

Do you like to receive a push notification that appears to be a secret code because it’s full of emojis? Probably not! So, pay attention in using it in the right measure to not tire out your user. As we know that you are a smart developer, we are sure that you’re not committing this mistake!

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