Discover how to create an effective mobile campaign

Discover how to create an effective mobile campaign

Mobile campaign always features in every business plan to expand and create more awareness. As much as mobile campaigns are effective marketing tools for creating awareness and attracting organic leads to your app, if they are not properly planned, the results can be disheartening, considering the amount of resources you must have invested.

To save yourself from running an unsuccessful mobile campaign, It’s advised that you get competent hands for the job, and a professional app marketing company fits the profile perfectly.

How to Plan A Successful Mobile Campaign?

Mobile Campaigns fall into the acquisition stage of mobile marketing. A proper understanding of how to navigate this process will increase your chances of success. The ultimate goals of every mobile campaign are to acquire new organic traffic or users, engage them, and retain them for as long as the app exists.

In earlier posts, we highlighted paid media as an essential tool for establishing your presence and creating awareness.

What is Paid Media?

Paid media are incentivized promotions that are targeted at creating awareness for your mobile app and brand. The most common approach is to adopt popular social media channels where you have a massive number of prospective app users or clients. The idea is to pay for targeted ads that will capture your desired demographics relevant to your niche.

Through captivating content, and if your campaign is well planned and structured, you will be astounded by overwhelming results. There are tons of app marketing companies out there, so you must ensure that you settle for the right paid media services.

What Makes A Mobile Marketing Strategy A Success?

A mobile marketing strategy can be said to be a success if, in the end, the set goals are met. That is, the app gained the desired popularity and got massive downloads.

If your app comes on top of app search results, it means you have done a great job with your mobile campaign; otherwise, you must have missed something, and the campaign didn’t make an impact.

Mobile Campaign Checklist

You need to be sure that your campaign is targeted at the right audience – promoting a travel app in a gaming community will yield no results!

  • Your marketing metrics must be well defined: the reason for having app metrics is to track your marketing success and measure your performance,
  • User Retention mechanism: getting as many users to download your app is of no use if they are not being used and interacted with.

An ideal marketing strategy must make provision for user engagement and retention – these parameters encourages users to interact with your app while also maintaining a profitable relationship.

There are vast resources, newsletters, blogs, websites, and forums offering mobile marketing guide and tips on how to execute a successful marketing strategy.

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Understanding Mobile Campaigns

Before opting for any form of a mobile marketing campaign, you need to understand every aspect of the campaign and the impact it will make on your app’s success.

  • Onboarding Campaign: You must have a structured and easy to comprehend onboarding campaign for your app. The extent and effectiveness of your campaign determine how much user activation and retention your app will enjoy.

Always have it in mind that every onboarding campaign should nudge prospective app users towards taking a desired action like downloading and installing the app – and interacting or using it, of course.

Trigger Campaigns

Trigger campaigns are automated engagement protocols put in place to respond to actions taken by a prospective user in the app. These triggers could be messages sent in response to specific actions taken in the app. Your trigger campaign would work best if it is targeted at a specific segment of user.

Creating a realistic user persona form start in your marketing strategy is an effective means of getting enough information on who your target audience are and how you can guide their journey in the app.

Some Ideas for Your Trigger Campaigns

  • Welcome message when a new user installs your app,
  • Onboarding messages that introduce the new user to your app and what it offers.

Early activation messages

On average, a user may lose interest in an app within 72 hours. Once a user successfully installs your, you should have trigger campaigns set to encourage the user to use the app. You could use promotional campaign.

Your trigger campaign could be notifications sent to the user confirming a successful transaction. Transaction campaigns should be automated to ensure that they are prompt and void of errors as against manual imputation.

Implement a mobile campaign with RankMyAPP’s help!

Now that you have seen what defines a successful marketing strategy, you can conveniently plan and implement your mobile marketing strategy. For more information on the subject, check RankMyAPP’s blog.

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