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How to choose the ideal title for ASO when creating an app?

So many applications with such diverse segments available in the market, standing out from the crowd is extremely important when it comes to creating an app. Choosing the right title for your application will help you achieve this goal.

In addition to defining a name that is aligned with your brand identity, this name needs to be strong within the market and ideal for working with ASO, which optimizes your application for more visibility. You will find below some tips to help you in this fundamental decision.

Why is the name important to ASO?

Illustrative art shows a table surrounded by people discussing, referring to creating an app

For ASO, choosing keywords that will benefit your application at the time of the search is very important. Taking advantage of this feature in your title can position your app up in the search ranking.

Since keywords are one of the crucial elements for increased app visibility, selecting the most relevant terms to constitute the name can yield more relevance, and, even better, in an organic way.

How to choose the ideal name for the application?

The name of your application needs to be different to achieve the desired distinction. It seems difficult to think of something creative with so many names on the market. For that matter, it is recommended to analyze the service you are offering and how to summarize it in an efficient and authentic way.


In the application development, the length of the name needs to be restrained. On Apple Store, you are allowed a name of up to 30 characters whereas in Google Play, it goes up to 50 characters.

The use of long words can hinder consumer recall and search. Considering this insight, it is ideal is to use short terms, composed of around three syllables.


As covered beforehand on the importance of the name for ASO, keywords are critical to the relevance of the application and when composing its name since they can leverage it at the time of the search.

When the user searches for some application or functionality on an app store, he or she will probably use short, objective sentences. Therefore, it is interesting to select keywords that fit this “pattern” and could be embedded in the name of your app.


In addition to keywords, another way to gain relevance on app stores is to choose terms that are easy to pronounce and pleasant to listen to, because the likelihood of a user recommending your app due to one of these features is much higher.


Competition within the app stores market is quite fierce, so try to stand out from the competitors with names that do not fall into a consensus but at the same time deliver the message of what service is being offered to the consumer.


App names that do not allow the translation of what is being provided are harder to convert into downloads. The user will rarely click on a random name to learn more it but rather look for some other app that already shows its functionality on the name.

How to evaluate if the optimized title fits?

The best way to monitor and evaluate whether your chosen name is a success on app stores is to get to know your audience. It makes it easier to manage the number of downloads and views your app received.

It is important to keep in touch with the audience and to do a market survey on your app to check if the chosen keyword for the name is succeeding.

Therefore, with the defined ideals of the application and services, choosing a name through keyword optimization and usability becomes much easier and will potentially put your app in evidence on app stores.

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