Illustrative image shows a person viewing an application on the cell phone, referring to visual search.

Check how to improve your app with visual search

Not so many people are aware that they could search the Internet using images. The world has gone beyond using only word search; today, we have visual search and even voice search engines.

So, what is a visual search?

Some decades ago, the idea of using pictures (from your mobile device cameras or even screenshots) to search the World Wide Web sounded alien until recently when people realized how convenient it is compared to typing your questions on search engines.

Visual search engines give you astounding research results on whatever you are looking for with relevant images as you would expect a word search engine. Thanks to the fast pace of technological engineering and innovation, the idea of using a visual search engine is gathering momentum, and internet users are beginning to jump on the trend.

Visual Search and E-Commerce

As technology continues to advance and with the emergence of visual search engines, businessesall over the world are becoming innovative with their ideas on making their products and brands available for everyone.

There are quite a lot of businesses integrating visual image search into their websites and apps. This has triggered a new era in business and the entire internet marketing landscape.

With more and more visual image search engines and apps finding their way into the internet market and onto mobile devices, the demand for quality and reliable visual search tools is increasing.

Thanks to popular internet giants like Google and Bing, who have invested a lot in reverse image search technology, we have seen giant leaps in the improvement of visual search capabilities.

Google, Bing and TinEye

Google visual search, which is an absolute sensation, took the world by surprise in the early 2000s when most parts of the world are yet to recover from the astounding performance of word search engines.

While Google visual search and Bing are the foremost visual image search engines available today, a host of other visual search engines are making the rounds and also gaining popularity.

TinEye allows you to execute an internet search by simply uploading images from your files or by using the image URL. With TinEye’s improved function and performance, you will get accurate matching results with their sources in no time.

What About Other Search Engines?

Illustrative image shows a woman with a telephone, referring to visual search.

Other amazing visual image search engines that offer vast image archive and fast results retrieval are Picsearch, yahoo image search, and the renowned Google Images.
Google Images, which is undoubtedly the best visual image search engine, offers interesting filters that help you find images quickly.

You have the option of finding images using metrics like the image type, the time of posting, and usage rights. Also, your image search results come with quality content information from news and blog sites.

Why You Should Optimize Your App for Visual Search

You can’t afford to be left behind in the race to offer maximum satisfaction to customers. Internet users now consider visual image search as an efficient means of surfing the Internet.

Thanks to app optimization technology, you can make your app come on top of search engine results. Visual search is both fun and captivating, hence, making this option available will surely dazzle your app users and audience with this marvel technology.

How to Prepare Your App

While considering the functionality and performance of your app, it is equally important to consider its visual representation. This makes it stand out and easy to recognize. If you’ve not already optimized your application for better user experience, you are losing a considerable number of prospective users and a large chunk of your market share.

Get a professional app optimization company to set up your apps and them on track to blow your competition out of the water. Some steps often used to achieve this include the use of keywords, structured app description (using smart contents), and visual representation or app logo.All of these are effective ways of optimizing your app.

App Store Optimization (ASO) puts your app on the top list of app store search engines, thereby increasing your visibility and user engagement. However, going the extra mile to make your app visible to visual search engines will propel your app to the top of the list and attract more organic traffic – with a high conversion rate.

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There are lots of ideas on how you can use high-quality images/screenshots for app descriptions as a strategy for App Store optimization. Take advantage of ideas shared in this article and other reliable and helpful media to boost your online presence and make your apps visual search engine friendly.

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