Black Friday x Cyber Monday: choosing your mobile strategies

If you live on the Earth, you probably already have heard somebody talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They are one of the biggest events when we talk about promotion and sales, especially on the internet.

But, how to use this kind of event in favour of your app? As we know, the majority of  shopping made in these days happens through smartphones which includes making purchases with an app. So, what is the best strategy to enjoy the best time of the year?

Plan your app

Even that both events just will happen at the end of november, now is the time to plan your app and see what products can be promoted and to call user attention.

It’s valid to remember that your app doesn’t necessary have to be a m-commerce like AliExpress to participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You don’t need to sell physical products.

For example, if your app simply is a game, it’s possible to create promotions about the extra items that are available to users improve their experience in the game. If you apply this strategy, the chances of your profits are high.

So independent of the category start planning your promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Social media

But how the users will know about your app promotions? Well, it’s time to invest in social media to promote your application. Email marketing is very effective but something more effective is social media, which presents a chance to get new conversions.

People will know that your app will be making promotions, will download it, buy your products and, after that, it’s possible to advance with retention strategies, to not lose the client and retain him throughout the year or years to come.


If you thought that optimization will be out of that, you were wrong! When the calendar starts  coming close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people search a lot about it in the app stores, using the name of the events as keywords trying to find promotions.

So, how to get this user for your app? Simple, adopt  keywords in your description, subtitle or even title of your app. It’s a seasonal strategy, when the date passes, you change it again.

That’s why it’s important to always update your ASO, because optimization changes all the time and you can lose good opportunities to find new users if you don’t explorate this resource.

Extend your offers

We will agree that promoting the app for just one day of Black Friday sales is too short. Instead run the promotion for a week. And it’s a chance to catch the users that we couldn’t otherwise connect to and lose out on sales. If we only get a tiny portion of traffic it’s still new profits we’ve been missing on.

Retention for the future

As we said, it’s important to call attention of the user after Cyber Monday sales and Black Friday. So, what do you think to present people who buy your products in this period? Perhaps a 10% discount or free shipping.
All the sales strategies are made, obviously, for you to sell more in your app and get more visibility, with this people will know the name of your app, you’ll be known in the market. But, at the same time, it’s the opportunity to get new conversions.

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