Black Friday statistics to be prepared this year!

Black Friday is coming and I bet that you, as an app developer haven’t thought yet about these strategies to be part of the event. Now, more than ever, don’t participate in these things that will leave you behind competition.

Thinking about this it’s always not clear why sales are so important to get success. We have created an infographic about Black Friday statistics to incentivize you and your app to be part of it. 

The thing is, users are more comfortable to shopping on mobile instead of having to go to a physical store. And  apps give more confidence to users when sharing personal data to buy whatever they want.

As we said, the facility to have Apple Pay and Samsung Pay was very useful for users because they save credit card and other details and people only need to spend as little time as possible.

Categories to pay attention to

Even that mobile surprised us with good results during last several years, it is important to talk about the categories separately, especially the main ones out there. Check it out:

Entertainment and games

If your app is in the games or entertainment category, we had good news: it’s a grown-up category during christmas and holiday period. It means that users want something fun during this period.

So, it’s nice to optimize your ASO with seasonal strategies for your app be found and conquer a lot of downloads.


Holiday season isn’t just about halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. But, what do you do most during the last one? Oh yeah, eat!

That’s why fitness category has a lot of relevance during this time of the year, because people want to get into a fit mood and recuperate just around New Years Eve! In 2017, this category grew three times as much compared to other years.

Food and drinks

But before recovering the forces and be fit, you have to eat, right? Well, the food and drinks category grew by more than 4.5 times more than last year. Incredible! It means that maybe people prefer eating more than they love exercising.


That’s the category that really matters to us, because it concentrates all the demand because of Black Friday sales. And obviously 2017 was again one of the best years for mobile when we talk about shopping. 

In conclusion, it’s a fact that Black Friday and the holiday season in itself is important to app’s growth and sales. It’s a huge opportunity for developers to track the potential of getting new users and work with retention strategies.

It means work hard with App Store Optimization and leave the app complet just waiting for new conversions!

If you get interested about how to increase the visibility of your app, get new downloads, conversions and rank on app stores, you should talk with one of the app marketing specialists from RankMyApp!

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