Augmented reality: benefits for business

Do you remember when initially started talking about augmented reality like 10 years ago? The “sensation” started with QR codes because the tags were not enough and didn’t have too much information.

Time passed and the internet stopped talking about it. Perhaps due to other types of technology coming to the forefront. But now in 2018, it looks like that augmented reality has won a new form that calls for a lot of attention app developers included.

What is augmented reality?

Basically, augmented reality brings digital characteristics to another place. With this, it’s possible to modify the reality of where you are and bring new elements, like adding virtual things in the real world.

This digital elements can be represented by graphics, visually speaking, by data, using  GPS, traffic or temperature and it can be found through sensory route

And all of this, now, is turning routine, mainly because of the smartphone era. With mobile, it’s very interesting to invest in this and there are a lot of categories, like AR games, education or shopping.

A basic example to understand how to apply augmented reality is an app that is an instruction manual to set up a wardrobe. The app idealized in front of you what you need to do with all of the parts.

Augmented reality x virtual reality

It’s normal that people get confused about the differences between augmented reality and  virtual reality. The main difference is that virtual reality allows the user to immerse into 3D space.

Augmented reality brings a unique experience with some elements interacting in real time and simulating action and sounds.

Why and how to use AR for your app?

Augmented reality in apps is applied mostly in games, but anyone thinks that it’s the only possible way to work with AR are wrong. It can be applied in so many ways and can bring more conversions.

Imagine that your app is a online furniture store. Nowadays, we still find people that prefer buying this kind of things in a physical store, to see the size, if it will be good in the house and details like this.

But, if you have an app that uses AR, you can show your client this item in real size, colour, etc; and he can put the smartphone opened in your app and pointing out exactly where he wants it shipped.

So, the chances that this person will buy in your shop is bigger if you provide a tool that not many can.

The best AR apps

We don’t even need to quote that Pokémon Go was using one of the best augmented reality for apps. But, this is just one example, we already have other applications that are using augmented reality (AR).

The brand L’Oreal, famous in the beauty industry, created an app that you can simulate a perfect make up in your face. The goal is show their clients how a specialty product works at improving the skin tone. It’s an opportunity that the user gets to test the product before buying it.

But, if you aren’t a person that like games or make up, there are apps that allow you to explore the night sky, using augmented reality. This app is named by Star Walk and brings to the user a faithful experience.

It’s really hard to define what are the best augmented reality apps available in app stores, because sincerely speaking, there are so many options that it’s possible to leave somebody a day navigating and trying to decide what app to download.

Even though this technology is a success in app stores, it’s important to remember that an app still has to do App Store Optimization to make the app easily discoverable. The process of optimization is still an important part for app growth.

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