You, marketing professional, should already be aware of the challenge of increasing the visibility of an app. Just like you should know that ranking the app in the stores is the best way to be found by those you want to find it.

With more than two millions of apps on PlayStore and AppleStore, making your app findable is one of the greatest struggles for marketing professionals. How can you do this?

If you are in the mobile marketing segment, it is important to be aware that there are several strategies to make your app reach the established goals for your success.

One of them is the App Store Optimization (ASO). Along with a structured app marketing plan, this process increases the chances of being discovered by your ideal user. More than that, it has a direct influence on the decision to install it or not.

You may even know the benefits of ASO, but perhaps you are wondering what the most important moment to deploy these strategies is, within your mobile marketing programming (and budget).

We are here to show where the ASO fits into this planning. That way you can start right now and achieve the expected results in less time.

How to structure a marketing plan for an app?

The first step when it comes to structure a marketing plan for apps is to analyze the external and internal factors of your company.

As well as the segment and the maturity of the app and the business capabilities. One of the ways to do this is to write down the strengths and weaknesses of the app. And also the budget available for each of the marketing actions.

After that comes the time to define strategies, priorities and analyze your competitors. Let’s take a look at these items:

Defining the strategies and priorities

What is your goal for the app? Is it to increase the number of downloads? Visibility? Retention? Is it to increase conversion? With this in mind, the actions that need to be prioritized should be clear.

ASO, for instance, can help you with all these goals. With an increased app visibility in stores, the number of downloads becomes a consequence. And the qualified traffic generated by organic search ensures that the right people download your app – which results in high conversion and retention rates.

That is why ASO becomes a key tool for any stage of planning.

Analyzing your competitors

You may think they aren’t, but rest assured, your competitors are already doing ASO. That is the reason why one of the main guidelines here at RankMyApp is to do an analysis of an app’s competition.

See it with your own eyes. Visit the app pages of the main players of your market. And thoroughly assess the graphical elements (icons and screenshots), descriptions and titles.

Also take a look at what is being done in relation to paid media, digital marketing, advertising in social networks and content production. It is important to look for other companies in order to take advantage of the same benefits and features. We know this from our own experience.


Where does ASO fit into an app marketing plan?

ASO is a process and not a magic recipe. And so there is a lot to be done in terms of market research and also look closely at what your competition is doing – particularly the keywords that they use in their descriptions and titles.

This means that ASO is not something that you do only once and that’s it.

In fact, this is a strategy that needs to be adopted right from the ongoing stage. Since the results are gathered in the long run, and they will be decisive for your business, the sooner you start the better.

So when people ask about the moment when ASO should appear in a mobile marketing plan, we always reply: RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. RankMyApp can help you achieve all goals for your product in a fast, simple and smart way.

We are a global hallmark in Mobile Marketing and we can guide you on the most appropriate strategies to improve your ranking, increase your visibility and the number of downloads. We also work on the organic conversion of your app. And this is reflected in user retention.

Our team is comprised of professionals who devote themselves to the study of strategic actions of mobile marketing, with ASO being among them. In other words, regardless of your goals, we can help you to grow in all areas!

What do you think of adding more intelligence to marketing your app? Get a customized analysis of your application and increase your organic traffic!

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