AppStore Developers Can Finally Respond to Reviews

Following the recent public release of iOS 10.3 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4, app developers reviews can finally get a closer touch with their app users. Now developers can directly respond to user reviews just like Android app reviews, that developers can do since 2013.

App store progress

This is a huge progress for app store and feedbacks analysis prior to app updates. Since many publishers do not include an email address or even a support contact information in their app store description, users who experienced bugs or just want to get in contact with the publisher did not have any connection through app store.

Thus, the complaints were forgotten or even worse: the bad feedbacks were sent via social media causing negative online reputation for the app’s page and app rating. We do not even have to say that it is all too bad for App Store Optimization, right? Bad mobile app reviews and angry users impact your rankings!

The lack of an appropriate response to your app reviews can result in lose your user empathy and waste good opportunities to guide your development team to fix the right bugs at the right time and/or get great insights ideas for new features always based in your users’ reviews.

Benefits for your app

Replying to your user reviews is one of the best way to reach out the bugs or any problems reported by users who really concerned to send this information to you. And just like Play Store Reply Reviews reponses, you can now follow up each one of the replies, asking to update their rating after your respond (if they were satisfied after that, of course).

Review analysis and reviews response are one of the best ASO services at RankMyApp, and now super available for iOS!

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