Application security measures: WhatsApp tests and their importance

Do you feel that since the past few months more and more people are about their information available online? And this is happening because everybody is connected 24 hours a day through mobile. It means that application security now is an important concern for many.

When we talk about apps, naturally we think about WhatsApp and everything related with our lives shared there. But how do we know that our information is really safe on this app? Some WhatsApp tests can give you more confidence!

What tests?

WhatsApp felt the necessity of trying new strategies to keep the users more comfortable with their data, as it’s an app that we share confidential information on.

So, the tests are exploring biometric authentication, the same one that Apple uses. The goal is to protect info inside the app even if the smartphone gets unlocked. It limits the possibility of strangers accessing the device if it get stolen.

Another prevention that they are studying, in both cases to let the user use touch ID or face ID to open the app. The same technology is already being used to unlock smartphones.

Another update that probably everybody knows about is that WhatsApp created the business version of its app, to facilitate people’s life who use the app to work. In this case, it’s possible to control the access to the app without staying logged in.

This variant in the form of WhatsApp business was created to protect more information from companies, passwords and anything that is shared that can be confidential.

Why WhatsApp is doing this?

Because of the recent rise in data leaks and the consequent problems that governments, VIPs and ordinary people suffer. We saw intimate photos being plastered all over social media and even confidential emails from Hillary Clinton, for example leaking.

Such instances make people more attentive of their information, but it is really hard when we are online. Nowadays people steal your data that you used to buy a simple book on some site.

Thinking about all of the situation that can compromise the image of huge brands, WhatsApp is trying new strategies to protect users.

The new update from iOS is bringing this new, specially for their news displays, like iPhone XS.

Maybe it can signal a new strategy for other apps that have confidential information of their users. And not just for apps like Whatsapp but ones that also list user transaction data.

Imagine a user who bought an item from your app with a credit card and after few days gets his account hacked? There are hackers nowadays that make actions inside the apps that are impossible to recognize.

And this kind of thing isn’t good for your app. An app that is not trustworthy will not call attention of new users and potentially can distract the ones who already use it.

Anyway it is important to be abreast with this particular technology and apply some security measures in your application. We know that WhatsApp strategies were very rigid, but we are talking about of one of the most popular apps in the world.

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