Illustrative art shows a person working on the development of launch app.

Application launch checklist: what factors to consider?

Whenever we access an app store, we hope to find innovative applications that meet our needs and, at the same time, surprise us. So, before the launch of an app, it’s important to be attentive to some requirements.

Small details and tweaks make the difference at the conversion rate, at your app’s release to the audience, and at the potential to expand the brand in the market.

What are the important points before launch?

Over the years, the use of smartphones has recurred, and consequently, the use of applications as well. Under this scenario, the audience is naturally more critical when choosing apps to download.

New apps are on the market all the time and many of them get no highlight at all. ASO techniques are critical to the rise of apps on app stores but in addition to these optimization techniques, a few factors are vital before the real brand launch. We selected the main ones for you!


Illustrative art shows two people working on the development of launch app.

The use of keywords is essential to the prominence of your application. It is ideal to use one of them in the title, since it is the first indicator for your app to be accessed by users.

Throughout the description, we recommend using other keywords that have been previously selected and that speak to the proposal and to your app. Always try to think of words your user would potentially type to look for an application.

But you must also be careful not to overdo keywords. Repeating terms can pollute the description and the application itself. Look up for relevant words.


The description of an application is made up of several elements. From the chosen icon, the name, videos, screenshots, photos and the internal description itself, a basis is provided so that the user understand what your app is about.

Starting by the icon, it is basically the most important graphic element of your page. When the app is installed, this image will appear to the users every time they access the phone. Therefore, this item should be well worked out. Invest in quality design with a creative and remarkable illustration.

The app description is the textual shape available to the user to understand the service provided. This space is also very important when it comes to ranking your application because, after all, it’s where all the selected keywords can be managed and positioned for the best performance and optimization of the app.

Creating a preview video suits well. Using the description space with alternative media is very welcomed since it shows that there was care for the app production. Furthermore, presenting a dynamic and authentic video also help establishing your brand in the market.

Photos and screenshots are other elements that count a lot for those users who are still indecisive about downloading the app. App devices, design, and functions can be previewed internally through these images.

Competitor analysis

Have you ever heard of the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”? Not saying that your competitors are the enemy but since they are selling the same product as you are, it is crucial to be aware of their movement in order to create strategies to position your application on top.

Strive for understanding other apps’ visibility, the number of conversions, how descriptions are composed, which category their app is tagged in, their differentials, and so on. Investing in updates for your app makes a huge difference for the user to choose between your app and the competition’s.


Illustrative art shows a person working on the development of launch app.

Applying metrics to understand the needs of your application is one of the best strategies for launching quality content and overseeing profits.

The first metric to apply regards downloads, so you can better visualize how many conversions have already been directed to your app. The engagement metric is very important as well since you will be better suited to understand who your audience is and what their engagement characteristics are after identifying the conversions.

Over time, each application aligns with the required metrics that show its performance.

Still, keeping them in mind even before the app release is fundamental since the performance within app stores can be measured from the moment it is aired. Therefore, many topics need to be fixed and worked out before an app is even available for in-store downloads.

The good news is that many of these topics can count on ASO, which optimizes the application for a better ranking position. RankMyApp prepared a customized analysis for anyone who wants to develop an app. Be sure to check it out!

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