App Store SEO: all about SEO for mobile applications

Every time we search for a specific category in app stores, such as “home workouts” or “easy recipes”, we tend to download the first few options that appear as we scroll down. For your app to be among the top ones, the app store SEO is the perfect solution for your optimization.

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular and the application market is growing due to high user and service demand. Read below to better understand how SEO for apps and the App Store Optimization can result in profits for your business.

But, after all, what is SEO for applications?

SEO for apps is a technique for app search that works through optimized keywords, increasing the profit to the enterprise. SEO leads the user to search what interests him or her and to easily find the app on the list.

Many people get confused when talking about SEO for applications and ASO (App Store Optimization). Both follow the same logic: trigger the user to find a certain brand at the time of the search. However, once this step is completed, the tools follow different purposes.

While SEO is done with the “service” once the application is found, ASO has the feature of certifying that the customer has accessed the app’s page, downloaded it and keeps using it on the mobile.

Why invest in mobile app store?

Investing in the mobile app store can offer many benefits to your brand since, according to a survey from Forrester, 63% of applications are found in app stores. Not to mention the expansion of the application market, active users, and the opportunity to make money.

App growth

When we estimate how many apps we use daily, we cannot come up with the exact number, but we can assure there are lots of them. The number of both applications and users grow every day, and there is always room for apps with good optimization and quality service.

User behavior

Users are often attracted to applications that are at the top of the app stores rankings. When choosing them, the consumer tends to select the option with the best design and that contains the desired services.

The biggest challenge when boarding on the app world is to gather users on Google Play and the App Store search. But it all starts with an investment in ASO. Thereby, you increase the business visibility and the chances of getting new customers.

App monetization

There are several ways of profiting from your app, through either advertising within it or the defined downloading format. For instance, the download can be paid with a pre-defined fee, although not exceeding a common value. Freemium format is another option offering some features within the app that are charged to unlock.

You can also monetize your app through services or items within the app, just like a meal delivery, which involves several restaurants intermediating their sales within the app.

App Store Optimization: how to use it in your business?

The best ways to work with ASO are choosing the right keywords, finding the best way to rank your application, and consequently increasing the number of downloads.

When selecting keywords, it is ideal to think with a customer’s mind. How do they conduct this search on app stores when searching for an application? Embracing this sensitivity can lead to better results.

Once the entrepreneur learns how to optimize his or her app in app stores, it becomes easier to work on download and views growth, increasing business recognition.

Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store, how to reconcile?

In order to work with both companies, some details have to be taken into account. For both Apple Store and Google Play, a developer account needs to be created to allow the app release. However, for IOS, if it is about a business application, a registration similar to CNPJ will be necessary and needs to be generated by a consultancy firm.

The payout rate for IOS is usually annual and slightly more expensive compared to Google App Store, which requires the fee to be paid early in the process. According to a brazilian company specialized in the development of apps called Solvus, bureaucracy on Google Play is also lower since the publishing time takes up to 4 hours to be completed whereas in the Apple Store this deadline increases to 15 days.

Despite the differences, it is very important to invest in both stores, which together gather millions of users. Coming up with an organized plan to invest in SEO and ASO only brings benefits to the business, enabling you to monetize your venture and highlight the brand name.

At last, if you’re looking for app relevance and want to engage in brighter marketing with App Store Optimization, do not hesitate to invest in a specific optimization review with RankMyApp!

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