App review: how to manage negative reviews in your app

User feedback regarding how they are experiencing your app is very important to improve a few details. The app review is a consumer feedback that allows you to evaluate the quality of what is being offered.

Opinions about the application are also part of the business success. If any specific feature is pleasing the audience, it’s worth investing in and giving more prominence to it. On the other hand, a low grade may be an indication of required improvement.

Why are negative reviews as important as positive ones?

Receiving negative reviews or low scores on rankings does not mean that the application is bad but rather that the user noticed the lack of some functionality, and this is part of the business. However, the good news is that most of these problems are technical, which may lead to a solution.

It is clearly difficult to receive criticism, after all, we always want to see our work being evaluated with positive comments. Nevertheless, as cliché as it may be, these negative feedbacks are constructive and as important as the positive ones.

If a user submit a feedback on the application, it means that he or she is engaged with it and wants to compliment or suggest an improvement. While positive comments may trigger insights about how well things are going, the negative ones are signaling that there is room for improvement on some app features.

How to manage negative comments?

The best way to manage negative comments is to review all ratings on app stores and categorize them by “reasons”. This way, you can organize your feedback process and understand which critiques are relevant and which ones may possibly come from fake profiles.

Identify the problem

Ideally, after organizing the comments you’ve received on Google Play Store and Apple Store, it’s time to identify the problem and focus your efforts on solving it.

For example, technical dysfunctionality, such as app bugs or constant reboot, should be understood as an indication for the app developer to work on an update.

Do not take it personally

Remember: never take criticism personally! Also, do not think that all your work was in vain because of a negative comment. Not knowing how to absorb this feedback might trigger inappropriate behavior, such as a rude answer to your customer.

Do not leave the user unanswered

Answering comments is fundamental for the user to feel that your brand cares about their points of view and is really willing to take it into consideration. Be proactive, set aside one day and answer comment by comment, regardless of criticism.

If a problem reported by a review is fixed, be sure to get in touch with the user and inform them about the improvement, showing that you are always willing to listen and resolve issues.

How to prevent future negative comments?

The best way to prevent negative comments is to solve issues that have already been reported, so you will not receive complaints about it once again. But in any case, always strive for excellence.

Offering high quality service to your customer will avoid negative criticisms, from the development of the mobile application and its programming to its most basic functions offered to the user.

On the updating stage, always be aware of what users are attracted to and think: “Will my customer be interested?”. Put yourself in users’ shoes, after all, you are also an user of other applications and would probably leave comments to improve them.

Enhancing reviews with available content consequently increases the number of downloads, once many people rely on reviews before downloading apps.

How can ASO help with reviews?

One of the advantages of investing in App Store Optimization is the ease that optimization can offer to your application. ASO contributes with an analysis of reviews tone as well as segmentation of what users report as errors or problems while addressing them.

In the end, any sort of review is important for the best app development and improvement. Positive and negative reviews make you better acquainted with your product and engaged with providing a more satisfying user experience.

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