App reinstalls: the effects for ASO and how to retention the user

According an article from Tune, average 42% of downloads in app stores comes from reinstalls of apps. In other words, perhaps the downloads that you’re getting were from users who once were using the app.

But, you probably are asking yourself why this happens and how it can affect optimization. Don’t worry, we’re going to explain everything that is necessary to know.

What does it mean?

The fact that a part of your downloads are reinstalls has to have an explanation. First of all, it’s necessary to understand who is your user. There are countless reasons to uninstall an app.

It can happen if the user doesn’t have storage space in his phone. But the main reason is that people download apps, use it in the heat of the moment and after that uninstal it. It can happen because users in fact just use one service of the app.

For example, do you want to post a photo in the exact size of the original, but Instagram doesn’t accept it and you have to cut it. So, you go to the app store and search for some app that makes the size of the photo compatible to Instagram.

After post the photo, you’re probably going to say: I don’t think that I will use it again. And uninstall it.

What should you do to convince these users to stay using your app without need to uninstall and download again just when they need? Or, if this kind of user comes back, how to deal with it? We have some tips!

Don’t ignore this user

Even if it appears that this user doesn’t care about your app because he uninstalls it, doesn’t mean that this is true. If he uses it again, he likes your app and sees that this is useful to him. So, the tip is try to attract this person.

Show that your app have more than one functions and it can become interesting again for this user too. And enjoy the first days to call attention, because this is the period that they will use the app most.

Second chance

Another reason reinstalls is that users are giving you second chance about something that they didn’t like in the first experience. So, it’s important, first of all, to try to get some feedback about what happened before and always update the app.

The second chance is a great opportunity to gain loyalty and prove that your app is enough for them.

Check your ASO

It’s possible that the person finds your app again because you are well ranked in the app stores, not just because he is looking exactly for your app. That’s why it’s important to  always work on your ASO.

With this, the chances of being found again and be found by new users grow, and you’ll have more conversions.

It’s not a goodbye

The fact that a user uninstalls your app, doesn’t mean that it’s a goodbye. When your user downloads the app again —invest on push notifications, emails, whatever, something that makes you connected with the user without forcing a relation, of course.

After that, compare how is the behavior in your app of this user in his first experience in the app and now, the second chance. You’re gonna see the percent of retention increase.

The thing is, adjust your App Store Optimization process, and establish a relation that will not make this person give up. Make him feel important that your app will be priority on his phone.

If you still have some doubt about how improve the optimization of your app, we have an e-book that is a definitive guide helping you comprehend how important it is to the success of an app.

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