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App digital marketing terms you need to know

It’s crazy how app digital marketing has evolved over the years. This warrants that you know at least a few things about this. And to be aware how it works, you need to be privy with some digital marketing terms.

To help you with this, we’ve created an app digital marketing glossary that we from RankMyApp consider important for you to know, with the goal of improving your business and always have knowledge of what is going on with your app. Check it out!


If you have or want to have an app, probably this marketing term will be essential for your life. ASO, also known as App Store Optimization, is an ongoing process that optimizes an app to get more visibility and a good conversion rate in app stores.


Keywords are words which are selected to sum up what your text is talking about. They are an instrumental to aid app discovery.

So, if your app, text, or site, has keywords that people usually look for, it’s possible that it shows up when searched for.

A/B test

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A/B tests help developers know what’s the better choice for their app, comparing some elements available to the users, like the icon, title, screenshots, and description.

It works by both versions to the user. One part of the cohort witnesses version A with the other part seeing version B. After the test’s done developers can cross-compare results to see which test was the winner.

User acquisition

User acquisition sums up the set of ways that lets you get more users for your app. It can be done by organic acquisition, which lets you get users for free, who find your app through search. Or you can acquire users through paid media.


This marketing word is a method to get loyalty. More than just having an app in their smartphones, this user will always use your app, buy things on it and refer it to other people.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is a metric that shows you how many visitors visit an app page in app stores and download it. This metric can show how attractive the page is from the user´s point of view and maybe a signal for a developer to think of changes.

App description

The description of an app is an important element to explain to the public what service you offer, and more than that, it’s the perfect space to put keywords and make your app be found in app stores.

App review

This is the space that the user gets to say what he thinks about the app. It can be positive or negative. But, both evaluations are important to be kept in mind. A negative review can signal a change in the app and the positive review can help improve something even more.

Churn rate

Churn rate indicates how many uninstallations your app has had. It’s an important metric to compare with the conversion rate. Based on this data, you can create marketing strategies to dictate a change if your churn rate is high.

Key Performance Indicator

Also known as KPI, this tool shows how well the app’s doing. This metric can help the developer to trace some strategies to get better results and make the app grow.

Now that you know a little bit more about some app digital marketing words, you’re ready to get inside this world and promote you app! If you want to know more information you can count on RankMyApp.

Specialized in App Store Optimization, RankMyApp is best option to optimize your app and give more visibility to it. Make a customized analysis with one of our specialists!

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