App description: learn the importance of app description for ASO

It’s not enough to come up with a good idea to create an app: one needs to acknowledge all the tools that will help them position the application within app stores. A feature that should be explored to enhance this process is the app description.

The app description is inserted before the app is released and it works as a way for you to present the user with the service that is being provided in a simple but creative way. A good description may bring visibility to the business.

Why is the application description fundamental?

One of the reasons that influences people to download an app is its description, as it is shown on lists of algorithms, during searches, and among the details of the app itself. What leverages your app to appear on top of store rankings is the willingness to line up for those small details, such as the description.

Moreover, every consumer needs to know what the application he or she is downloading is about. It is a preview of the offered service.

How to write a description for ASO?

How to write a description for ASO considering they go unnoticed by many users? Most of them are interested in more significant information, such as videos and screenshots. So, when it comes to setting up the description, it’s critical to be creative.

It’s time to make your pitch. For instance, if there are any statistics about your application, it is interesting to embed it on the description. And remember: even if you have a lot to describe about the app, there isn’t much available space for it. One of the steps of app marketing is the description, so pay attention to some details:


It is ideal is to invest in terms that do not have high competition but at the same time display multiple searches. The use of keywords through App Store Optimization can be used in both search engines of the application and in the description development. Selecting about five to six keyword repetitions on the description is enough for ASO to perform its service efficiently.

Text Length

The ideal text length depends on the application store. On Google Play, for example, there is a shortdescription of 80 characters and a full description of 4000. On Apple Store, there are only 4000 characters for the same description.

Even if the available space looks extensive, do not use it entirely. An app description template of 2000 characters is enough to convey key information and services that the application of your venture has to offer.

Other factors that enhance app description

Creative texts don’t survive merely on app descriptions. Adjusting to other options to catch user attention might help you learn how to acquire new users on Google Play and App Store search. Every visual part has its weight when aiming the “download” button.


The application icon must transmit credibility to the user. Low-resolution or unrelated logo images give the impression that the app was carelessly developed, that there was no effort on the idealization process of the illustration.

Therefore, always aim at high resolution images. Also pay attention to each store resolution, since image dimensions on Apple Store are of 1024 × 1024 px, compared to 512 × 512 px on Play Store.

The design must be pleasant and preferably with no text, since it might pollute the image. Also, remember to choose the same color pallet used on the app design, since these items need to be in line with each other.


Screenshots, just like icons, draw a lot of attention for a simple reason: they are almost a preview of how your application works from the inside. This way, it allows users to have a sample of what functionalities and structure the app offers.

When it comes to selecting pictures, try taking screenshots of your app’s key utilities. You can even add text captions, but be careful not to overshadow the image with too much textual information.


Demo and practice videos are a way to explain to the public what your app is all about and how it works in practice with the aid of recordings, audio, images, and text. Try to always emphasize what is most relevant, since the video lasts up to a minute.

Tracking minor details, such as working on the description and prioritizing key information about your app, as well as investing in elements like video, screenshots and a good icon will reflect credibility and will catch even more users’ attention to your app.

For a complete description of ASO and efficient performance for your application, be sure to check out the customized optimizations that RankMyApp delivers to your customers!

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