App analytics: understanding why users uninstall an app

With app analytics we can understand numbers, what they represent and also the performance of the app. And when we talk about performance, many developers think, why would a user uninstall my app?

This question can be personal but at the same time, there are some factors that can give us general answers. And, with this, it will be easier to create strategies in order to get more users and make them keep using the app and not uninstall it.

Why uninstalls happen?

First of all, there’s the churn rate. It’s all about the turnover in the number of users that your app has. The good news is that it is completely normal, even the most popular app suffers with uninstall rate caused by users that gave up.

It can happen because a person doesn’t have enough storage in their smartphone and need to keep just what is important in that moment or just because the app have too many bugs, destroying the user experience.

Certainly, these are just common examples that any app has to face. The important thing to do is analyze deeper why mobile apps lose users in the first place and what can be done to avoid this.

The thing is, not only do bugs affect user experience, actually, everything that involves your app can give the app a great experience, making it a great app or just plain uninstalling it because it turned out to be something that wasn’t expected.

A failed design, an app that promises functions and doesn’t fulfill it or if it starts to be boring for sure are great reasons for a user to put it in the trash, open the app store and find another app — potentially going to your competition.

Other thing to pay attention is about what your app is. Unfortunately, some categories have more chances to be discarded by the public, like the entertainment ones. It happens because there are so many options and users sometimes just wants this kind of app momentarily.

Like like any other product, apps have a lifespan, and it is measured according to the category and the services offered.

Users go away, but also come back

Apps suffer a lot because they lose out on users but sometimes they don’t think that the same user that uninstall the app probably will install it again? Why does it happen? Actually, because of the same reasons that we said before.

Now the user doesn’t have space to have your app, for example, but he knows your service and where to find it. So, when does he need to do something related with that, the chances of your app be reinstalled is high.

But none of this will happen without you providing a great experience to the user. Always check the design of your app, make constant updates, to straighten possible bugs and mistakes. It will make difference to an user come back.

What is important to do about all of it?

Knowing that you have different kinds of users that understand their experience in different ways, it’s crucial to study why they are uninstalling and what do they do after installing your app. It gets easier because people are looking for the same service.

So, try to analyse which users came back and how much time were they away. A good tip is to use strategies to make the user stay in your app, working with user retention. Be it giving a discount on the products or some simple advantage.

This kind of app analytics — as well as others — makes the difference fuelling your mobile app growth. Master everything that is related with your app and add to the process of App Store Optimization to get good results.

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