Android Instant Apps: know the benefits and the impacts for your business

Since Google is Google we never know what to expect from news and updates. We say that because now we have a new tool that is leaving developers confused. We are talking about  Android Instant Apps.

This functionality says a lot about how Google invests in user experience. But, it’s important to pay attention to how it can impact your app and what you need to do to use it in the right way.

What is Android Instant Apps?

Android Instant Apps is a new function available in Google Play Store that allows the user to test the app before effectively downloading it. To do that, the user just needs to click on “try it now” on the app’s page.

But, it just works because the developers divide the app to little pieces — but these pieces still have their use — and it’s available in the app page. When the user accesses it, everything works in the same page, even that it’s not a complete app.

If the user likes the experience and the app, he can download it normally like everyone else.


As we’re talking about something that is completely new in the market, Google Instant Apps comes with some limitations. First, the number of compatible apps is low. With time, Google promises that the numbers will change and almost all the apps will have this functionality.

There are a few outdated smartphones that cannot use Instant Apps from Google. The focus now is to increase the number of smartphones and apps that are compatible with this technology.

What changes for developers?

Instant apps can be very productive for developers even that some of them at first thought that this could harm the app. But, this rumor soon fell flat because everybody realized that this could help the apps have more conversions.

It’s the opportunity of the developer to attract users using a mini version of his app. And if we think about the competition that exists in Play Store, it’s very interesting for apps to invest in this to be one step in front of the rest.

The thing is that it is different for users to use an app without downloading it because they are saving up storage.

But all this interaction that happens before download brings more engagement to the app and consequently, more conversions. After inside the app, the chances that users still engage is high.

Partnership with ASO

Google instant apps and App Store Optimization works very well together, and we’re going to explain why. The first thing is that if your app has this resource available, it will be very attractive and will help the ASO process.

But, more than that, users just will find your app and this functionality if your app is well positioned in the app stores and the only thing that has the power to do that is by selecting the right keywords and work with all the elements of the app.

So, imagine an app that has google instant available in the app’s page and still have a good work in optimization, having good visibility in the app stores and people accessing it all the time.

It’s like the perfect formula for engagement, new downloads, conversions and retention of the users.

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