AI for app: the importance for ASO

The internet revolution initially was scary for most people. This has changed now because everyone has access to it and now we can’t live without it.

We are on the cusp of another break through artificial intelligence. This resource impacts the developers and apps that dominate the scenario. That’s why we’re going to talk about AI app!

After all, what is AI?

AI is a powerful technology that tries to make machines think like humans. It appears to be crazy, but this can personalize and optimize experiences on the smartphone and make life life easier.

Since that your smartphone knows your name and your favorite apps, this adds more relevance in everything that you search. Besides offering intelligent choices this can analyze all the apps that we use everyday.

Connecting your device with your home, work, travel and other stuff transforms it into an engaging experience. More than help you when requested, it can go along with you, predict some necessity and even remind you about tasks.

Things that we use

We use AI in our life even without knowing about it. For example, Siri from Iphone is an AI that doubles up as a personal assistant. Facebook too uses AI to recognize users in photos to help with marking, signaling the profile.

Even Waze traces the best route based on your localization and what is happening around you. So, artificial intelligence apps are taking their place in user’s life and are there to stay.

Faster decisions

Even that some users still not trust definitively in AI, when it happens, the decisions will be faster and easier. It will be more comfortable.

Just think in Google Home, that with some simple words, simplify the user’s life doing everything that needs to be done. It can be a new song, turning the lights off or calling someone.

How it affects ASO?

Everything that is new affects ASO strategies too. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad news or it will be hard to optimize your application.

The thing is, if there’s an opportunity to invest for ASO invest on AI, do it. If you provide a service that competitors don’t have, it will be a step forward for everybody, even more now that users want new things.

But, talking about App Store Optimization, general speaking, optimize your app in the same way that you were doing, just add some changes. First of all, let it be clear that you have AI and the experience of the user will be incredible with your app.

Choose your keywords based on this too, it’s important because it’s common users search specifically for applications of artificial intelligence.

Now that you adopted AI for your app, it’s possible to use it for your ASO strategy too. AI allows you to have access to an algorithm that helps others find your app. In other words, it will be easier to analyze why users downloaded other apps that make the same things as yours.

Your app can identify what leads were important for your business once, invest in this same user again, working with app retention.

This kind of strategy will help you to optimize your app, find out if it can fit in other categories, like technology or even change your strategy with keywords, always looking for a good position in app store ranking.

So now, focus on a good optimization strategy and always try to update your ASO, because it’s an ongoing process to help´you get more conversions.

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