3 signs a bad app is still worth saving

There are two kind of apps. The one that users download and use it everyday and other that users download, use just one time and probably uninstall or abandon it in some unknown folder. Users categorize the second kind of apps as bad apps.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad app, but at the same time, people don’t think it’s useful and don’t have a reason to keep it on their phone. If you think that your app is going through a bad phase, we’re going help you to observe these signs.

So, what is happening?

Users don’t look for a lot of apps anymore. There are some months when users don’t download any app.

It means that more than updating your ASO and work with all the optimization practices for your app to have visibility, it’s necessary to give more attention about the content of the app and understand in what circumstances your app is losing compared to others.

There are incredible apps that gather dust because of lack of ASO. The truth is, there is no demand for all the apps that exist.

What’s the point to create a perfect app, that doesn’t have bugs and have a good optimization but there is no market to download it? Well, this is just one part of the problem of apps without salvation.

But here we want to talk about apps that have potential but still users are not able to find them. That’s why our guidelines and signs can predict if your app is still worth saving!

And there’s something that we can anticipate, it’s all about App Store Optimization and how you show your app to the others in app stores. We say that because are so many options available, for app ranking making a good impression is essential.

Push notifications

When we talk about push notifications, we always emphasize how important it is and how it can change the perception of the user towards the app. But things have limitations. Imagine if Netflix sends 15 notifications per day to you, you’ll probably never want to see the app again.

Of course it’s important showing that your app is there, available anytime that the user needs, sometimes sending important information but, if your app don’t have  push notifications as a tool (like WhatsApp that use it to notify new messages) don’t use it in vain.

Behind the competition

If your app is suffering to beat the competition, something has to be done. We know that it’s very hard to dominate a entire category, even more with so many apps available, but you’re not here to be the second option forever, are you?

So, it’s very important to show to the users that your app has many more features than other apps. Your strategy can start with ASO tools, to attract new users that will see your app in the ranking.

The thing is, it’s impossible to hold an app that the competition crush all your tries. You have  options, give up on the app or make it worthwhile so that people want more of your product and less of competitors. And we will agree that the second option is better, right?

First impression

As we said, the first impression is very important because people nowadays don’t want to lose time looking for apps. They want faster solutions and preferably the best app at the very top.

The good news about it is that first impression in app stores can be solved with strategies of App Store Optimization, like making your title, icon and screenshots attractive and makes people download your app.

But, optimizing your app doesn’t end with that alone. There is much left to explore, like ratings and reviews, that users check before downloading an app that has a lot of expectancies built around it.

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