2019 app marketing trends you need to know

The mobile app market continues to grow tremendously. Take a look at some of this year’s marketing trends so that you can keep up.

Mobile marketing trends in 2019

Here are a few examples of how the app market continues to evolve.

Users are spending more money in app stores

Given the ease and convenience of making digital purchases, it should come as no surprise that consumers are spending more in app stores.

Games are becoming more popular

The Game app category is always popular and that is only going to increase. This is because simple, mobile games attract a whole new group of users that extends beyond serious gamers.

Users are spending more time on media apps

According to The Startup,

“ Right now, the average person consumes media for about 7.5 hours every day, an entire work day! By the end of the year, the total amount of time spent on video streaming apps alone will have grown by 110% since 2016.”

Clearly, consumers want to be entertained.

The cloud gives users and developers more freedom

Applications are becoming way too advanced for the limited space available on mobile devices. This is where the cloud saves the day.

Rather than storing apps on their phones, users can store them in the cloud. This solution also allows developers to build apps without worrying about the practicality of storing them on mobile devices.

How you can take advantage of these trends

Now that you know what the latest digital marketing trends are, you must figure out how to use them to your advantage. Here are just a few ideas.

Offer subscription plans

With more users willing to spend money in the app store, you can convince them to pay for your app by offering subscriptions.

Very soon, iOS app developers will be able to provide new subscription features for their apps in the App Store.

Here is a very brief overview of what that means:

  • Current customers can be given a discount on upgrades to their subscription plans;
  • Lost customers who canceled their plans can be given special offers for returning;
  • Free users can be given a trial period of one of the paid plans,
  • New customers who pay upfront can be given a promotional price for a certain time period before the price is raised to the normal rate.

You could even work these deals into a seasonal mobile marketing strategy by offering them at certain times of the year.

Monetize your app with in-app ads

One of the biggest mobile marketing trends in 2019 will be the use of in-app ads. This type of mobile marketing campaign can be used to generate revenue from free apps.

If you take this route, you will have to make the following choices:

  • Ad Network – There are many different ad networks to choose from, so do your research and don’t rush into making a decision. Your final decision should be based on your target market and what your mobile marketing goals are;
  • Ad Format – The choices include a banner, native ads, video, offer wall, or playable ads,
  • Pricing Model – You can choose a cost per mille (CPM), cost per click (CPC), or cost per action (CPA) model. Each has its own pros and cons, so you will need to compare the benefits and risks of each one.

From marketing strategies to the best mobile design practices, the app world is always changing, which is why you need to stay on top of current marketing trends. Otherwise, you might fall behind and lose customers.

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