Singles Day sales: data and trends in 2018

If you thought that only valentine’s day and Black Friday in itself were the only days to get sales, would you believe if I told you that Singles Day sales have an important role in the market? More than that, it can affect mobile marketing too.

When we talk about a good opportunity to have discounts, doesn’t matter if you’re single, married or are into a relationship, you’re going to buy anyway. And, for your app to not lose out, we will help you to be aware about this trend.

What is Singles Day sales?

The Singles Day came from a chinese holiday meant for singles. It is celebrated every year on november 11th, especially this day because the number one is always alone and represents a single person.

The Singles Day sales specifically is not a official event from the holiday, but at the same time, it eventually turned popular because huge e-commerce stores started making sales, transforming the holiday into a gold mine.

We say that because Alibaba, one of the most famous e-commerce sites of the world just broke the internet when start with this sales strategy. And now, just for you to understand the magnitude, when they started the sales in 2016 at 11 o’clock, in just five minutes they sold goods worth one billion dollars.

Do you want one more reason to be interested in this trend? Well, for you to know, Singles Day in China is four times bigger than Cyber Monday and Black Friday in United States. If these events were your reference in sales, start to think about the single one!

What does this have to do with my app?

Well, everything! The main information that you need to know is that almost 100% of the shopping was made through smartphones. So, if people just use mobile to buy, it means that it’s a huge opportunity to use your app with this trend in your favour.

Data about the Singles Day

If you aren’t impressed yet about this event, this data will leave you impressed about it:

  •     In 2017, Alibaba introduced more than 15 million products through their e-commerce, store including 140 thousand brands, including 60 thousand international ones.
  •     The Li-Ning Official Store spent more than one month reinventing the Aliexpress homepage to factor in Single Sales adding special products and promotions.
  •     This resulted in record sales: 18 billions dollars in just 13 hours.

What to expect for 2018?

The expectancy for Singles Day sales in 2018 is high. According to BCC, the e-commerce data gatherer, Alibaba created record in sales in 2017 — and made a profit of around $25 billion—  and, with this they increased their sales to 56% this year.

The fact that people buy with mobile, the chances of making sales is easier, because you already are with the smartphone on the hand, can do this anywhere, and it is an advantage when we have good promotions that attract all kind of traffic.

So, the probability of Singles Day beating a record and profiting more than in 2017 is high. With the fact that users are more inside than ever with lightning sales and trust in the discounts, always want to buy more.

Be aware because Singles Day sales will happen on november 11th. If you want an opportunity to buy products with a good price this is your chance but, if you want to get inspired to apply something similar in your business, it’s very important opportunity too.

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