How frequently you should update apps

We will start this article with a question. How often should you update apps? As soon as the first version of your app has been built and launched, the following step should be focused on maintenance and support.

The most downloaded apps on the app stores frequently make updates available on a weekly or monthly basis in order to offer the user an amazing experience. On the other hand, some other apps do not update their versions so often.

So, what should you do? In this article, we will go through how often an app should be updated, why it should be done in favor of improving the user’s experience and also the importance of that when it comes to mobile marketing strategies.

What´s the importance of updating your app?

A lot of people do not even have a clue that app updates are one of the best tools available out there to make a marketing campaign successful. Offering regular updates can keep an app top of mind due to the fact it will show up in the updates list like the App Store or Google Play Store and most likely the user will recall it.

Updating your app periodically can help build a long-term relationship with your audience. Can you guess why?

Because providing updates that solve problems and improve the user’s experience with new features makes the difference and it also shows that you care about what your app delivers to your clients. This is a key point.

That’s the moment when a customer suggests your app to a friend or a family member who has a problem that can be solved by you.

Everything sounds really great but app updates should not be performed every day. The reason why is that doing it too often might be disturbing for the user who receives an update notification all the time.

Update your app monthly

An application update should occur at least every month to present new features to the users and to fix some bugs. We recommend that because it shows you really want to satisfy your clients´ needs and at the same time you avoid being annoying by not sending notifications on a daily basis.

Of course, it can be done differently depending on what the users´ demands are and what your app can offer, so app updates can be performed once a week at the most to have new features.

For instance, when a new tool is added to an app and it works great, it can become some sort of standard and soon a new feature has to come up. That’s why this is considered to be a never-ending process and part of mobile app marketing.

Improving the users´ experience

Reviews and comments are really important here. When you listen carefully to what your customers have to say and you take it into consideration, some changes can be made in order to meet their needs.

In addition to that, your app will be enhanced once new features are added according to users´ feedbacks.

One of your priorities should be improving the users´ experience. Also, updating your app frequently with new tools is a way of making the users’ lives better and is extremely relevant to a successful mobile app marketing strategy.

After the new update, some more features are released to make the experience better for the users. Thanks to the quality of these useful updates, they frequently look forward to receiving a notification from your app.

You should also look for users´ complaints and be happy about it. I know it sounds weird but that is what really helps you improve their experience and humanize the customer relationship.

Answering comments and complaints is also a great way to do that and it creates a sense of community.

By doing that, you demonstrate to your clients that you really care about what their thoughts and desires are, besides showing you take their opinions into account.

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