App statistics: the life or death seconds

How much time do you spend choosing a random app? Probably less time than you imagine. A wide majority of users want the app they’re searching for in the shortest possible time. If they realize that they’re wasting time, they give up.

That’s why app statistics are so important to analyze what your app needs to attract users. More than optimizing the app with ASO, it has to be attractive. Here are some tips to help you with this.

What you need to know

There are some things that we do for our app that people usually don’t see. All of the work to find keywords and put them in the description helps your app rank, but that doesn’t mean  people read it.

People don’t read because it’s too much of a time investment just to find out what the app is. So, more than optimizing your app, you need to invest in some strategies so that people view your app and download it.

Don’t think that people will read everything

As we said about the description, the habit of not reading applies to the other things in the app too. Perhaps a few users will click on“read more” when they see the description. For all others images are necessary.

That’s why screenshots play an important role in the user experience, because it’s easy to understand things with images.


In a situation that people have to understand what is your app quickly, screenshots are a good strategy to explain your service. Choose a lot of screenshots to display everything you do.

The thing is, majority users will not look at all screenshots. So, the ideal thing to do is use the first two screenshots to show what your app does and why somebody should download it.

A/B tests

There is no better way to know if your strategies are working if you don’t  A/B test. The opportunity to compare which version works better with your target audience is afforded very well with a/b testing. And it, obviously, helps you to understand your app statistics.

It’s normal to “watch” the user  use the version most liked. It will attract new users and opens a potential chance of changes and adapt the app to new things in mobile marketing.

It’s nice to position yourself as one of the most downloaded apps and study what are their main strategies. More than that, it’s important to pay attention to the app store news.

We said that because statistics are changing all the time. Because today we see that screenshots drive downloads, but maybe tomorrow something else would substitute screen captures.

In a world that people spend much more time on mobiles than on desktops, users wants  personalized products, and more that than use the app day by day and resolve their problems.Therefore it’s necessary to invest in the user experience.

Statistics help show what path is important to follow, it doesn’t say what you need to do specifically to achieve marketing goals. So, the apps still need to be smart, work with ASO and invest in mobile marketing strategies to get more downloads and conversions.

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