You Should Follow These Mobile App Icon Tips

Creating a mobile app icon is a very important part of ASO that can’t be overlooked, so make sure to choose the best app icon possible. You should not only make a symbol attractive but something meaningful.

But, why do you need to pay attention to that? When browsing the app store, users see many different app icons competing for their attention. If your app’s icon doesn’t stand out, they won’t pay any attention to your app.

A bad mobile app icon is even worse than an unnoticeable one, because its poor design may chase potential users away and cause them to believe your app isn’t worth their time. Follow the content below and know how more about your mobile app icon.

How to choose an icon for your app

Choosing the best icons for applications is not easy. There are many elements considered when creating the mobile app icon so to reduce the stress by following the tips below.

Give users something to remember

A forgettable app icon won’t stand out. Make sure to choose a design that is easy to remember. A tip is to make a test with your app icon’s memorability by showing it to your team or even your friends.

Wait a day or so before asking them to tell you what the icon looked like. If their description is pretty close, your icon is memorable! But if not, you might want to consider a new design.

Keep it simple

Along with memorability, simplicity is another important quality your mobile app icon should have. Sometimes, there are many unnecessary design elements that confound the users.

mobile app icon

Before you put on the mobile app icon design in the marketplace make the simplicity test. That way you know how much you need to get back. But remember: it needs to remain aesthetically pleasing.

Make it stand out!

A simple design doesn’t have to be overlooked as long as it’s unique. This will require coming up with something new that users haven’t seen before. Start getting some ideas for a unique mobile app icon by looking at your competitors’ icons. Then figure out how to make yours different so that it won’t blend into the background.

Make it tiny-friendly

If you haven’t noticed, the best application icons are small. Keep this in mind when designing your icon. No matter how small it is, users should be able to clearly see the design and the message that you want to pass.

Mobile app icons appear in two places, which include the home page and the sub-menus. The icon for the sub-menus is even tinier than the one on the home page.

Keep it consistent

A mobile app icon helps to establish your brand, so its design and colors should be similar to your app’s design. Keep the design consistent by using the same colors and symbols for your app icon, in-app design and branding. Remember, if possible, to show one of your app’s main features in the icon.

Follow design guidelines

There are separate design guidelines for iOS and Android mobile app icon, resulting in the need to create two mobile app icons. However, you shouldn’t come up with a different design for each icon.

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