Why deep links can be important for apps?

Nowadays it is normal to send and receive links about a product through: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram… well, all social media channels. This kind of links are called deep links. Apps make deep links incredible.

But, before understand how ASO changed the deep link universe, we need to understand what is this. Check it out:

What is deep link?

Deep link is the kind of link that everybody uses on the internet. Anything that you use that has content is a deep link. On the other hand, links that goes to homepage isn’t a deep link, because it doesn’t refer to anything in particular.

Imagine that you’re in Google searching for a restaurant for dinner. Finally you found what you want.

Instead of copying the address, close the browser and open another app to paste it, with the mobile deep link you can just click on it and automatically the address will go to the GPS app.

Or if you’re seeing a comical post on BuzzFeed and there is a tweet there, just clicking above, it directs you to the app of Twitter. Seems trivial, but this link can simplify the way we use apps.

User experience

It’s all about the experience of the user using your app. If you are buying something in the browser of the smartphone, it’s normal to see a notification prompting you to continue the service in the app. It’s the deep link that sends you to the app store to download the app.

When you already have the app installed, because everything that you use can be directed to the application. It’s important to invest in this two types of deep links to attract all kinds of users.

Because it’s a chance to re-engage the user, call  attention to him that you have an app that makes this service. More than that, showing that your app is present and it’s possible for the user to engage with it.

Some paths to follow

As the deep links changes the flow of the user from home to an specific page or product, it’s necessary to pay attention if this link is sending the user to the right place.

Imagine that you click on a deep link that you received in your email to see a sneaker. If this link sends you to the home of the site or to another product that you probably you don’t want to see, you gonna be disappointed and will give up.

It can happen with apps too so, be careful with little details that can make you lose a user.

Leave the register for later

If the user finds your app by a deep link, let him discover your app, and use it. It’s nice to give the user this time and after that, ask him to register. It will be frustrating to them if they can’t see the product because the app is requiring some data.

Forget the tutorials

As heregisters, don’t obligate the user to see some tutorial before see the product. He already know what he wants, it’s not necessary to guide the user. Only if it is something specific then use tutorials.

Test the deep link path

A part of the session starts with a deep links sending the user to the app’s page of app store. So, it’s always good to test if the link is working and sending people to the right place.

Even if the facility of a link directing the user to the app’s page, it’s important to optimize it with  ASO, because depending on how your app is optimized, it can be a decisive moment for the user download or not.

So, to understand a little bit better about how the apps can get conversions and promote engagement to your app, talk with one of the specialists in app marketing from RankMyApp!

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