Wearable: understand what this trend is and how it works

It is a fact that applications facilitate our daily lives, but imagine if it could be used in watches or other accessories, eliminating the use of smartphones? Well, this is already a reality thanks to wearable.

From the adjective “wearable”, it is digital accessories in which you can access the application features that, until then, could only be used on smartphones and other mobile devices. Among the most common are smartwatches and smartbands.

Practical, isn’t it? So, for you to understand better what is wearable and what are the main advantages of adopting it in your day to day, check out the content we have prepared about the topic down below.

What is a wearable?

Have you thought about how it would be practical to be able to monitor your heart rate during a run and check your messages on the same device? Well, this is possible with the help of smartphones. However, what if you could use these functions on an object that is even easier to carry, such as a watch?

Nowadays, we can count on this facility, thanks to smartwatches and smartbands. In addition to serving as wristwatches, it also offers the facility to carry the most important apps with even more practicality, and the best part: no need to use the smartphone for this!

These accessories are called wearables since users can “wear” it. Besides all the convenience it offers us, these devices give us security. An example is the Xiaomi smartwatches, which allow payment by proximity with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

How does wearable work?

But how does wearable work? It can act both in sync with your smartphone as independently. Thus, with a wireless connection, you will receive the main notifications of apps that work online on your smartwatch. In other cases, such as notifications of incoming and missed calls, you do not need access to the internet.

It also has sensors that can monitor your activities: heart rate, hours of sleep, sedentary lifestyle alerts, reminders to drink water, step count, music playback, GPS, weather, reminders of your schedule, and more. So, besides managing your tasks, it also helps you keep your health up to date.

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Smartwatches and smartbands work differently

It is important to stress the differences between smartwatches and smartbands. The first is a more independent and complete model when compared to the second, but this does not nullify the functionality and practicality of neither options.

The smartwatch is similar to a traditional wristwatch, which can have wireless access or not. Furthermore, it has a larger display, which makes the user have even more comfort to make their online tasks. In it, it is possible to receive notifications of calls and messages, as well as play music and monitor your health, for example.

On the other hand, smartbands are more similar to a bracelet and generally do not have access to mobile internet. It needs to be synchronized with the smartphone via Bluetooth to work. The great attraction of this model is that it is more focused on health monitoring, but can also receive notifications, just like the smartwatch.

Wearable united technology and fashion

With the emergence of wearable, we can affirm that fashion and technology have come together for good. Although watches are the most popular, other technological accessories have everything to be present in our routine and wardrobe.

For example, Ralph Lauren developed a hi-tech polo shirt with a heart rate meter during the user’s physical activities, similar to smartbands. Discreet, the clothing only has a small device on its side, being used on several occasions.

Moreover, companies are increasingly showing concerned with the design of its wearable technology. An example is Nike, which created a distinctive smartwatch with an even more sporty look for sports fans.

Following this idea, Samsung has developed a smartwatch in which the user can take a picture of their look and receive a personalized background with the colors of their outfit to use on their device.

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