Cloud Mobile App: why use it?

You have so many things in your smartphone and sometimes it is so hard to organize all of it, more than that, depending on the content, we still suffer because of limited storage on phone. Really, in 2018 you have this problem?

I confess that I resolved mine not so long ago. You probably already use or already heard about Cloud technology, right? Well, cloud mobile apps is changing user experience and now more than ever we have everything in our hands.

But what is this?

A cloud mobile app basically is a software program that makes it possible to access the same app on different kinds of devices. This app is not the same thing as the native ones. While the natives normally have to be downloaded and are made for Windows, Android and iOS, the cloud mobile apps don’t need to be downloaded.

Because of this peculiarity, the app developers don’t need to think about app stores, because it works just if the person is connected with the internet. The big challenge of this is making the service effective.

At the same time, it’s not equal to web apps. Actually, they use the APIs technology and some native ones from the web. We say that because when you open a cloud app, you don’t need to take any action like a download.

The advantages

Here we have listed some advantages of cloud mobile apps, take a look:

1- Installation

As we said, they don’t need to be installed and can be used in any device, only an internet connection and a browser is needed. These kind of apps have a direct interaction with the cloud, making possible a good experience to the user.

2- Everything is safe

This one is less technical and more useful: everything that you do on this kind of app is automatically saved to your cloud and as such safe. So the chances of losing something is much less.

More than that, if you use a cloud app in your smartphone, you will not use the storage of it and everything can be accessed using internet.

3- Security

The cloud mobile apps can be considered more secure than native and web apps. It happens because if there are any problems that can affect who is using, it can be detected faster and resolved.

So if the user finds something wrong, if he just updates the page it will be back to normal.

4- Organization

Imagine that your company needs a program that works at all the tasks of all the employees and everybody has to have access to everything. Without the cloud, it would be necessary to install everything in the desktop and use some alternative to share everything with everybody.

Well, with cloud mobile apps, it’s much more easier. It’s the same space for everybody and to access it, people just have to be connected to the browser and it still allows to be shared.

Google Cloud Platform

Obviously Google is inside it. Their platform has a technology structure, on the cloud that holds on to everything. The service is offered around the world and can be adopted for any place. Everything is still new in the market, so they are going all over the world to explain the idea.

If you want to know more about it and if Google is explaining cloud in your city, you can access all the schedule here!


If you are looking for an alternative of your business and count with more security, technology and intelligence, the cloud mobile app is a good choice. The best thing is that the cloud works in all the platforms, mainy Android and iOS.

While the native apps takes a long time to be developed and launch inside the app stores, the cloud is practical and cost effective.

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