App growth what to do to improve it

App growth: what to do to improve it

If you are looking for app growth, this text can help you figure out what to do to achieve it. But first, it’s necessary to consider growth hacking, which is the set of techniques aimed at circumventing or hacking the growth of a company, bringing it out of the linear curve (traditional growth) and inserting it into the exponential curve.

The term was initially coined by Sean Ellis, Dropbox’s first marketing manager, and consists of a mix of marketing and engineering techniques for metric-based growth. So if yours is one of the mobile apps seeking to understand more about its own growth path, keep reading.

How to make you app grow?

In order to find growth opportunities it is essential to have an holistic view. That means working both sides of the brain: the creative one and the rational one. In other words, you need to stimulate your creativity to find the best opportunities and, at the same time, explore the analytical side. There are also some growth hacks that can help you in this journey:

Push notifications

Notifications are included in a good mobile market strategy. Sometimes these push notifications appear just to remember that the user has that app. It’s a way of relating to your consumer. This strategy is critical to working the retention base. There are tools that work specifically for this, such as PushNews or PushCrew.

In-app messages

That’s another interesting mobile growth hack type. They are the pop-ups that appear in apps when the user takes action. It’s important to have in mind that in-app messages need to be thought of according to the user’s behavior. This message is impactful so, in order to work, you must know if your user will like it or not.


An interesting feature is making the app sharing option available by email or social network. That’s because the satisfied users will want to tell everyone about an app that improves their life. By consequence, if you make the option to share for free for the user, the natural tendency is for application market.

app growth

Deep linkings

This is a mobile intelligence which is not widely used but still is important. Deep linking are links that go to specific pages within the app, such as the product apps used. With deep linking, the person can click on an ad and go straight to the offer page within the app.

Be aware: first you need to evaluate whether this strategy fits in the app and whether it’s functional. It is a good way to attract users by indication and it’s not very complex to be applied in practice.

Other mobile marketing strategies

One interesting thing to do is to work on your app’s marketing strategy. By doing that, it will have more visibility at the stores, for example. This is also RankMyAPP’S specialty.

Considering your app’s stage

Defining a mobile performance plan requires a strategic view of the app. To plan which strategies should be used for the app growth, it is essential to find out in which stage of the app you are. Each phase (launch, growth or top app) requires a type of mobile marketing strategy.

For instance, and early-stage app requires more basic planning. Nobody makes big investments right away,

If that’s the case of your app, test the actions, the channels and learn, over time, the behavior of the market. After thinking about all these points, it’s time to create strategies, formats and visions for marketing. Then you can test some of the mobile growth hacks we mentioned above.

Talk to one of RankMyAPP’s specialists

As we said above, there are several strategies that can result in app growth. But even with all these tips, it is important to have a professional to evaluate the strategy that will make your own app improve. For that, you can count on one of RankMyAPP’s specialists to help you!

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