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A/B testing screenshots to boost downloads

Is there something more useful than screenshots in app stores to know how the app really works? Probably not! It is a good way to attract new users and give more visibility to the app.

But, have you tested if your screenshots are working in your app’s page? If you haven’t, you should know that it is possible to make A/B tests comparing your screenshots to arrive at an iteration what gives you more conversions.

The importance of screenshots for ASO

We are living in an age where people skimp on lengthy boring text and want to simply get to the information as soon as possible. If in your app’s page the informations is not clear, the chances that the user gives up is high.

So, screenshots are very important because it’s a practical way to explain to the user how to use your app. There, it’s possible to see the functionalities, the design, colours and what’s each item.

That’s why it is so important to optimize the screenshots with App Store Optimization. If the screenshots are absent or aren’t any good he or she will search and find another app.

How to A/B testing screenshots?

Two guys working on his notebook, making a ab testing.

So, how do you know if your screenshots are good enough? That’s easy: using A/B tests tools. This is the only way to compare your current screenshots and decide which ones are bringing more downloads to you.

And the best thing is  after the A/B test you’ll be attracting organic conversions, that probably are qualified users. It can increase the chances of retention and engagement of the app.

There are a lot of details that can be compared. Analyze the order of the screenshots, it’s important to put better screenshots higher for more conversions.

Be careful with the size of the screenshot too. Depending on the cellphone, it can change. Because of that, you need to have two different versions of screenshots, for iOS and Android. And it can be apply to other details, not just the size of the screen.

Depending on the operating system, your app can change the visual and even some functions available. It’s another reason to adapt the screenshots.

A/B test and design

As we said, the order that the screenshots are posted in apps page is very important. The goal is to invest in the main one. Think what is the best screenshot of your app, consider functions, details and design.

The screen that shows more information and represent as best your app should be the first one. The others can be used by a complement of things that your app does. Always think that if the first one is not interesting, the user can give up and don’t look to the others.

And all of this can be compared too. More than that, after you post the screenshots in app stores, you have to analyze the size of it in all of the devices. It has to be perfect whether the user sees it on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

How to analyze the results?

How to compare? Start by analysing and and checking which one fits better in your app’s page. Maybe the results can be obvious or equal, but you can’t never avoid testing.

In general, there’s no negative results in A/B tests. Even that some screenshots don’t show good performance, what that means is you have to improve it to grow the conversion rate.

With this, one part of the ASO strategies is almost done. But, did you think about the other? If you don’t, don’t hesitate to talk with one of the app marketing specialists of RankMyApp!

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