4 ways to use benchmark for your app success

Have you ever come across the expression “benchmark app”? Benchmarking is an important marketing mobile strategy to analyze other apps doing the same thing as you.

If you are thinking that with this strategy you will steal other app ideas, it doesn’t work like that. Analyzing the concurrence is a good plan to improve things in your app and be one step ahead of others. Look what we have:


As it is known, keywords are an important part of the App Store Optimization, and thanks to them, your app is found in app stores. Keywords make all the difference if you want to be well-positioned.

It influences clicks when users search for apps. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to what keywords your competition is using, mainly the search volume. Choice of the right keywords matters, because it drives organic downloads and ranking.

So, before optimizing the app and choosing the keywords, analyze what keywords the competitor is using. Observe if it’s worth getting in the competition of this keyword or worth to invest in another one.

But always choose keywords that make sense with your app. Even that another app is using x keyword, doesn’t mean that you need to do the same.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are part of ASO strategies and a good ally to discover a lot of things about your app. It includes the success of the app, a parameter to discover if your app’s on the right path.

Check your ratings and reviews, it’s recommended to observe what users are saying about the apps. If they like something specific, or if there is a bug that this app can’t correct. Try to get as more informations as possible.

It can help with the update of the app, because you shouldn’t allow  your app to make the same mistake like the competitor. And, at the same time, you have the opportunity to implement good ideas in your app.


Part of the competitor analysis strategy is to choose your category based on checking what categories other apps are using. We say categories since it’s possible to choose more than one category in Apple Store and in Google Play.

Apps like Instagram can use more than one category, like social media or photos. Why don’t you do the same? This way, you can attract different kinds of audiences that have the same interest in your app.

First of all, analyze what categories are available that your app could fit in. If one of them has a lot of competition and you in the beginning will not be the first in ranking, you can invest in other good categories for your app.

More than that, look what categories your main competitor is using. If it’s worth compete with them, just go! And another tip is to always monitor this kind of information, because ASO strategies can change all the time.                      

App update

It’s recommended to update the app during a two or three months comparing with the last update. With this, it will be easier to identify some bugs and things to correct in this period, and show your users that you are improving the service.

So, observe what strategies the competitor is using when updating the app, what kind of audiences they are trying to call attention to and what they are missing. It can help you decide what your app need and how you should do that.

Work with market research is primordial when we talk about apps and App Store Optimization strategy. It can define a lot of decisions and help your business be succeed.

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